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The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  One for Amable Arquoitte can be found at:

According to a footnote in The Fort Langley Journals, Amable was from Montreal and retired in the Willamette Valley, in what is now Oregon state.

And, from the website French-Canadians in the 1842 Oregon Census there's the following, by Hal Arcouet, dated 14 Oct 1999, re-printed here with Hal's permission.


Amable ARCOUET, born 1 Sept 1797 in Montreal to Michel and Marie Louise GAUDRY.  Joined Hudson's Bay Co [HBC] 1 June 1825 as a mason at York factory.  He was part of a group that left Fort Vancouver 27 June 1827 to establish Fort Langley.  He worked as a mason or midman until 1 Sept 1833 when he retired from HBC, receiving 3 months wages.  In 1834 he helped rebuild the powder magazine at Fort Vancouver.

From 1835-1842 HBC listed him as a Willamette River Valley settler.  He maintained an account with the HBC, providing services as a mason, or furs and wheat in exchange for HBC goods.  He was among the settlers from French Prairie who went to California for cattle in 1837, and went back in 1849 for three months during the gold rush.  Married 28 Jan 1839 in Vancouver to Marguerite WAPONTE, and recognized as legitimate children, Amable 8, Michel 5, and Lisette 3.  He settled near Donald and was naturalized in 1851.  He was permanently blinded while helping blast a mill canal around the falls at Oregon City.  Eight children, (five boys).  Buried 8 July 1880 in St Paul parish cemetery, where wife Marguerite was buried Oct 1870.

Hal's source -- "Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest" by Harriett MUNNICK, and HBC records; courtesy of Hal ARCOUET.

"Amable's brother, Charles Leon ARCOUET [also, "Jean"] was born 11 June 1806, baptized in Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal.  He joined HBC in June 1841, and drowned while working at The Dalles.  Amable "ARQUAITE" brought his body to St Paul and buried him there 3 Oct 1843."

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