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The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  One for Narcisse Fallardeau can be found at:

"Fallerdeau was the steward for Mr. Yale.  He and his family would have lived in the kitchen behind the Big House and served the gentlemen living there."  -- Gerry Borden.


     On 11 September 1853, Narcisse, son of Narcisse Falardeau and a Quantlen woman, was baptized.  His godfather was Augustin Willing.

It should be noted that on the handwritten French original:

  • The priest was either Father Haerolen of Father Haerden; these two names are the best guess.
  • Augustin Willing is recorded as Augustin "Weeling"

     On 1 July 1856, Angelique Falardeau, daughter of Michel Falardeau and Jenny Lucie of the Shouswap was baptised at Fort Langley by one Father Lootens. Her godfather was N. Falardeau.

It should be noted that in the handwritten French original:

  • Angelique's mother's people are recorded as what looks like "Shouswaph"

source: old parish records at St Andrew's Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

From Tannis Pond, descendant of Narcisse Falardeau
     Narcisse Falardeau was born according to his gravestone on the 5th of September 1818, is a native of Quebec, and died 26th November 1888 at Fort Langley and is buried in the Fort Langley Municipal Cemetery.

     Narcisse worked for the HBC as an employee starting in 1837 as the HBC records of 1838 for Servants states "Narcisse Falerdeau is from Lachine, works as a middleman at Fort Langley and has one year of service and his contract expires in 1841".

     In his 1841 record he is age 24, from the Parish of Berthier, works as a middleman in For Langley and has 4 years service. He has a credit of 10/13/5 and his wages were 17 pounds. He continues with the HBC until 1863.

     In 1862 his record states that he is from Berthier, is a Labourer at Fort Langley, has a credit of 18/6/2 and his wage was 25 pounds. He has a credit throughout his whole employment with HBC so it is easy to say that he was most likely a frugal man.

     According to Bruce Watson, Narcisse spent most of his time with his family in the kitchen of the Big House of the fort, as cook or servant to James Murray Yale.

     In 1846, in response to the establishment of the international border, Fallardeau, along with 17 others, unsuccessfully laid claim to 640 acres (1 square mile) of land around Fort Nisqually, land to which the Hudson's Bay Company/Puget Sound Agricultural Company held possessory rights. Like many, he could not write as his February 15, 1850 contract (HBCA A. 32/28) was signed with an "x". He appeared to work until 1863 and appeared on the 1863-64 sundries account without wages but with a credit of 311.2.2 carried over from the previous outfit.

     The family of Fallardeau seems to have many spellings depending on where the name is mentioned.

     In Nooksak Tales and Trails by P.R. Jeffcott, published 1949 it was spelled "Feledow".

     In his will, written a few months before his death it was he has signed with an X, but written beside is "Fallardeau".

     On his grand daughter, Catheine Taylors baptismal entry it is "Falardo".

     In a publication called Fort Langley 1827 - 1927, a century of settlement in the Valley of the lower Fraser River, by Denys Nelson it is spelled "Fallerdo".

     In the 1881 BC census it is "Fillidoe".

     In the late 1930's a "Mr. Flowerdew" according to a diary is a guest of my great grandfather, Otway Wilkie - a descendant perhaps?

     According to Donald E. Waite, Narcis was on hand when Fort Langley was rebuilt a few miles up river starting October 1838 by James Murray Yale. Sometime during this era Narcis took a wife from the Kwantlen band that originally lived in the area where the BC penitentiary was situated in New Westminster. The tribe summered on McMillan island and eventually stayed there for the protection of the Fort.

     Narcisse wife was Tlhepartenate, or Helen/Elen depending on the documents and presumably sister to Staquoisit (better known James Gabriel). The Helen/Elen confusion probably arises from a language problem of Indian and French giving information to an Englishman or Scotsman. Most documents she is Ellen and there are girl grandchildren called Ellen. Ellen was alive and living in New Westminster with her daughter Mary Worley in 1901. She died 28th December 1905 at the age of 85. It is unknown where she is buried, but since the coroner was in New Westminster it is likely she is buried near there.

     Narcisse and Helen/Elen produced eight children, six daughters and two sons:

i. Harriet
born about 1839
married Daniel KILCUP about 1860.  John KILCUP was born in the Langley area and the remaining eleven children were born in Whatcom County, Washington.
Harriet died in Lynden, WA 17 October 1918.
ii. Catherine, my great great grandmother
was born about 1841
married James TAYLOR 26 July 1858 and produced seven children.
She died shortly after the birth of her last child 30 December 1874.
She is buried in the Fort Langley Municipal Cemetery.
iii. Matilda
born 27 February 1844
married 19 May 1863 George REHBERGER in New Westminster and was the mother of some thirteen children.
She died most likely in Washington State on the 10th December 1926.
iv. Louisa
born about 1848
married Henry WEST about 1866 and went to the states with REHBURGER and KILCUP, but returned to the property next to Narcisse about 1881. There were approximately 14 offspring.
Louisa died at Fort Langley on the 6th of April 1902.
v. Noel
born about 1851 married Annie or Angelique KWA-ELNA.
It is unknown when Noel died, but their known children were Louisa who married Thomas DOWNEY; Frank who married Elizabeth CHARLEY; and George who married Theresat SIALIA later known as Theresa THOMPSON.
vi. Narcisse
christened 11 September 1853 was godfather to Catherine TAYLOR daughter of Catherine FALARDEAU and James TAYLOR. Little else is known about him.
vii. Rosalie
born 1862
married 9 June 1884 one James IBBOTSON. Together they had six known children
Rosalie died in Vancouver the 30th of Nov 1944.
vii. Mary or Marie
was born 25 April 1865
married first William WORLEY in June of 1884 and had 10 known children.
Her second husband was Benjamin Bernard McALLISTER who she married 26 July 1919.
It is unknown when she died.

     After leaving the HBC Narcisse's occupations are cobbler and farmer. Narcisse owned a minimum of 50 acres along the Fraser River which he left to two daughters, Rosalie Ibbotson and Mary Worley; and a grandson named Frank Fallardeau. At the time of the writing of the will Narcisse was residing at the Langley Sawmill which belonged to his son-in-law Henry West.

Employee Contact Person
see also:
Tannis Pond

From Darlene Heal, a Falardeau researcher.
     I descend from a Louis Falardeau who we think was a brother to Narcisse Falardeau. He was also employed by the HBC, contracts place him at Fort Vancouver, Taku/Durham, Stikine, Rupert, Victoria and general New Caledonia locations from 1838 to 1863. I am sure he probably was at Fort Langley at different times during these years of service with the company. Tannis Pond is the main researcher for that line and we have joined forces to try and solve our Falardeau mysteries.

     You are welcome to add my name and address to your site, but I prefer to be listed as a Falardeau researcher because I research all three BC Falardeau lines:

  • Michel of Fort Kamloops
  • Louis of the various HBC Forts
  • Narcisse of Fort Langley.

Yours on the Hudson Bay Company Employees Trail!

Darlene Heal

Elvin Web, who is descended from Harriet Falardeau.

More info soon.

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