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Pauline Schwendinger Rachel P. Veraa
George Willard Dorothy N. Reynolds


Pauline Schwendinger

                  .---.         ._______________
/     \  \|/  /      __________)
/ / /   \(. .)/     __________)
//////    '(_)`    _________)
              //// / /  :     : _________)
             // / / /   `     '________)
            // / /      //---\\

----------// /---------UU---UU--------------------+
|                      '//,,,\\`                   |

|           ..........         ..........          |
...       ...       ...       ...        |
..           ..     ..           ..       |
.              .....              .       |
.                                 .       |
.             Pauline            .        |
.           "Ma Ducks"         .         |
.         Schwendinger       .          |
.                          .           |
--,---'--<@ .         Founder        . @>--`---,--|
--,---'--<.                      .  @>--`---,--|
--,---'--<@   ..     July 1996    ..   @>--`---,--|
--,---'--<@    ..                ..    @>--`---,--|
--,---'--<@      ..            ..      @>--`---,--|
--,---'--<@        ..        ..        @>--`---,--|
......                      |

* * *

    Bon Vivant

Poetry Writer Kind Heart       
Who took us under her wing and gave us our playground
 * * *
      Once upon a time there was a perfectly normal seeming writer named Pauline Schwen who was a regular participant in the WRITING echo.  Now the WRITING echo might seem like an echo to deal with the art and craft of writing to the normal, but to writers and participants it is familiarly known as the Tavern and is a place where strange beings converse and strange things occur.

      Now in the days of yore yon Tavern was being crowded off the etherwaves by a plethora of posts from poets and general off-topic chatter.  In order to keep the Tavern alive serious pruning was necessary, if regrettable and somewhat painful.

      The moderatorial entity of the time was the Great Hossie whose enforcer was a Guido.  Aside from creating a large gaping hole in the back wall of the Tavern when someone invited him to shoot pool and he did so with heavy weaponry, Guido was becoming overworked in the crowded conditions of the Tavern and had even been known to go missing.  The aforementioned participant, Pauline, decided to start her own echo to draw off some of the overflow by creating an area for the off topic chatter, just as Claire created a place for poets of proper perspective by creating MUSE.  Where MUSE can be reached by a separate entrance from the Tavern, and is in fact a room in Claire's house, Pauline decided that her echo would be what we found if we ventured through the hole in the wall that Guido had accidentally brought into being.

      What those who were brave enough to venture through the hole in the wall found on the other side was a Beach.  Rose arbors were built and patio furniture was produced, but it was discovered that those prosaic activities did not fully activate the ambiance of a virtual reality that had come into being through a virtual happenstance of another virtual reality.  There was another dimension away from Real Life that needed to be addressed.

      Those lucky beings able to obtain the Beach in the heady far off days before backboning elicited the assistance of the Star Trek virtual reality and were able to construct this window in the spacetime continuum that you don't see before you today.  Once the atmospheric controls were established and the barrier between reality and virtuality was erected, it was found that the folk who had previously been human in the Tavern morphed into the alterbeings they had secretly been all their lives.

      Fang, the Boa Constructor, perpetually builds and rebuilds aspects of the Beach to accommodate the needs of the incoming virtual beings.  The seemingly normal Pauline had tapped into magnificent wells of silliness previously unsuspected, and a totally other virtual reality had been created and took on a life of its own.

      Now known lovingly as Ma Ducks, our founder and foremother, Pauline led us into a world of joy and offtopicness previously unknown in the universe.  Backboning followed, whereby others like myself who had been unable to get through the hole in the wall were able to log on and become Bardies for life. 

      The one, the only, the much loved Ma Ducks fell ill and was absent from The Beach for a prolonged time.  The Gumbie Cat was proclaimed Momderator Pro-Tem to keep the twits at bay during the absence of the Ducky.  When the Ducky returned and was to retake the holobeach controls, she suddenly and unexpectedly vanished in the middle of the transition period, leaving the Momderator unexpectedly alone in the control room.  Even the Weasel Patrol couldn't find the missing Ducky.

      The Gumbie Cat became a Gumbie Tigress, but was still alone in the control room.  When the Gumbie Tiger found the Real World intruding on her virtual availability, she elicited the assistance of the Captain of the Weasel patrol to keep the Beach patrolled pending the return of Ma Ducks.  The Ducky has yet to be seen, and as assistant to the Moderator Captain, the Phoenix continues the ceaseless seeking of the missing Duck, inventor of the Beach, founder of Bardroom, creator of this lovely non-place of friendship and joy.

*) Laurie lucky to be here Phoenix
23 June 96


George "Hossie" Willard
      "Twit hunting keeps us young and full of vigor." --Hossie

Requiescat in pace, Rachel Veraa.
Requiescat in pace, George "Hossie" Willard.
De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

-- Quinn Tyler Jackson  


Rachel P.Veraa
February 28, 1940 - January 3, 2004

      Veraa, Rachel, of Royal Palm Beach, died Saturday. Tillman Funeral Home, West Palm Beach.
      Published in The Palm Beach Post on 1/5/2004.


Rachel's web site has been moved >here<
Nothing has been changed, it is as Rachel left it


Dorothy N. "Bears" Reynolds

      Dorothy N. Reynolds, 81, passed away on Monday, July 19, 2004 at Washoe Medical Center, Reno.  Mrs. Reynolds lived in Reno for the past 3 years, coming from San Diego, CA.  She was retired from General Dynamics.  She liked to write and she attended the First Christian Fellowship Church in San Diego.

      She is survived by her sons; Robert, Terry and William Shurley; 7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

      Interment will be at El Camino Memorial Park, San Diego, CA.
Published in the
Reno Gazette-Journal on 7/22/2004

     I'm 72 years old and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :}  --Dorothy Reynolds, 13 March 1996

     I always say, "My mind has more ambition than my body can handle."  --Dorothy Reynolds, age 80


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