Louis Ossin

     Louis Ossin was born in Sorrel in Lower Canada about 1800.  According to his footnote in The Fort Langley Journals, he:

  • joined the Northwest Company in 1820

  • was employed by the Hudson's Bay Company at York Factory in the Athabasca District at Fort Alexandria, new Caledonia, in 1825-6.

  • was a trapper from Fort Vancouver from 1830 to 1836

  • In 1841 he became a settler and a free trapper.

     Information about Louis also appears in E.E. Rich's 1955 A Journal of a Voyage from Rocky Mountain Portage in the Peace River to the Sources of Finlays Branch and Northwestward in Summer 1824 by Samuel Black. London: Hudson's Bay Record Society 18. Pages 241-3.

Louis's last name is spelled "Ossant" and/or "Aussant".

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