Robert Robertson

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  One for Robert Robertson can be found at:

Robert Robertson, originally from Yell Island in the Shetlands, worked for the HBC in northern BC for seven years, before settling in Whonnock, British Columbia in 1860.  According to Jason Allard, Robert Robertson, was the boatman and assistant cooper at Fort Langley in the early 1850s, but Robert's name does not show up in surviving lists of those employed by the HBC at the Fort.  It is probable that Robert was one of those joining the yearly trips of the bateaux  from New Caledonia.  He may have wintered over at the Fort when Jason Allard saw him, but that is not confirmed.  Robert may have assisted cooper Cromarty in his work after he settled in Whonnock.

In 2000, Fred Braches of Whonnock dedicated a Whonnock Notes to Robert and his family, and he has graciously given permission to include it here on our website.

Please be aware that to read this publication you will need to have the Adobe Reader.  If you need to download the free Adobe Reader, please click >here<.  Once you have the Adobe reader loaded onto your computer, click on either link below.

Robert Robertson & Tselatsetenate by Fred Braches

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Thank you, Fred!

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