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Klahowya kopa Chinook Wawa
Piahtzumwawa Skookumklahwayhut

Welcome to the Chinook Jargon
Electronic Information Superhighway
Ikt Chinook Wawabook
(A Chinook Phrasebook and Glossary)

Ikt Wawabook kopa Chinook? or Wawapepah kopa Chinook?
or Chinook, Ikt WawaBook?       or Chinook WawaPepah?
Nawitka, Mitlite Konaway Okook!
(Indeed, it's all of these.....)

Yukwa Mamook Ledwah kopa Cultus Elip Wawa
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Yukwa Mamook Ledwah Kopa Wayhut Kopa Konaway Okook Site
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Links within Chinook Wawa Piahtzum Skookumklahwayhut:

Greetings & Salutations | Common Phrases | Money, Trade, & Travel | Time & the Elements
Food & Domestic Life | Fun & Games | Critters & Livestock | People

The Body | Numbers | Interrogatives, Prepositions, & Interjections

Verbs & Concepts | Adjectives & Adverbs | Grammar & Pronunciation
French loan-words | English & other loan-words
Chinook-English reference (by category)
Kamloops Wawa Word List - NEW
Jim Holton's Chinook Jargon Book (draft)
George Lang's Chinook Jargon Website
Dakelh (Carrier) Chinook Jargon Website
Jeff Kopp's Chinook Wawa Website
Duane Pasco's Tenas Wawa On-Line
Chinook Night Before Christmas
Chinook Lord's Prayer & Hymns

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