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Kahta Mamook Kopa Chinook Wawa - How to speak Chinook

The Body

Emeets - the nose

Kiyah, kaiyah - entrails, innards
Kwolen, Kwolann - the ear
NB Halo kwolen, ikpooie kwolen - deaf  Mamook kwolen - to listen.

Hand - hand

Itlwillie, Itlwill - flesh, muscle. Lajam itlwillie, teawhit itlwillie - leg muscle

Laboos, lapush - the mouth
Lahm, lam - the arm
NB difference from laham, lahahm - oar.
Lalang - the tongue
Also used to mean "language", though not in reference to the jargon, for which Chinook wawa was used.
Ladoo, ledoo, ledwah - finger
Lajam - the leg
Lemah, lamah - the hand
Kloshe lemah or kloshe hand - the right hand ("the good hand").  Mamook hand, mamook lemah - shake hands.
Lepee, lapieh - the foot
Lapel - skin
Not usually used for humans, I think.
Letah - teeth, or tooth, from Fr. le dent and/or les dents.
Latate, Latet - the head, also the top of something

Memaloose, mimloose - dead

Nose - the nose
Boat nose - prow of a boat

Opoots - the behind, buttocks

Pil-pil - blood.  Mamook pil-pil - to bleed.

Seeahhost - the face, the eyes
Halo seeahhost - blind.  Ikt seeahhost - one-eyed.  Lakit seeahhost - four-eyes (someone who wears spectacles, of course, but not derisively).  Dolla seeahhost - spectacles (from their shape and size).
Skin - skin
Stone - bone, testicles

Tatoosh - chest, breasts, also means "milk" and "butter"
Teahwhit - the leg, the foot
The accent is on the second syllable.
Tumtum - the heart, will, mind; also to feel, to know, to intend, to think,etc.
Tupso, tuhso - hair
Also means "grass".  Gibbs says the use of this word for "hair" is mistaken and incorrect, but it became part of the jargon after the publication of the commercial lexicons and the popularization of the jargon among non-natives so has been included here.

Yakso - hair
Yakwahtin, Kwahtin - the belly, the entrails

Wind - breath, breathing, exhalations
Tenas wind, tumtum wind - sigh; tenas wind also means "breeze" Halo wind - out of breath, dead

The following is something of an expansion of the previous section, which was "pure" Chinook.  For the English-Chinook section here as elsewhere I've made my own stabs at coming up with viable expressions, which will be given in light purple.  I've also taken liberties with various English words not found in the historical sources, as this website is intended by use for speakers of modern English, familiar with modern usages and standards.

Alive - iskum wind
Anus- tlhwop kopa opoots, opoots thlwop
Arm - Lahm

Backside - opoots
Belly - Yakhwatin, Kwahtin
Bellybutton - lebouto kopa yakhwatin
Blood - pil-pil
Brain - tumtum, tumtum itlwillie, kumtux itlwillie
Bone - stone
Breath - wind, iskum wind, mamook wind
Breast - tatoosh
Butt, buttocks - opoots

Chest - tatoosh

Dead - memaloose, mimloose

Ear - kwolen, kwolann
Entrails - kiyah, kaiyah
Eye(s) - seahhost (would be accompanied by hand gesture to distinguish from face)

Face - seahhost (would be accompanied by hand gesture to distinguish from eye/s)
Finger - ledoo, ledwah
Flesh - itlwillie, itlwill
Foot - lapee, lapieh, teawhit (teawhit also means leg; a hand gesture would be used for clarity)

Hair - yakso, also tupso, tupso kopa latet
Hand - lemah
Head - latet
Heart - tumtum, tumtum itlwillie

Innards - kiyah, kaiyah

Leg - lajam, teawhit (teawhit also means foot; a hand gestured would be used for clarity)

Meat - itlwillie

Neck - le cou, lecoo, from Fr. le cou.
Nose - nose, emeets

Penis - wootlat
Posterior - opoots

Skin - skin, lapel (lapel more for animal skins, I think)
Sick - sick, sick tumtum

Testicles - stone
Tongue - lalang, lalang itlwillie
Torso - yakhwatin, khwatin

Vagina -

Well - kloshe, tumtum kloshe, mamook kloshe


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