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June 30 Simon Fraser, John Stuart, Jules Maurice Quesnel, representing the North West Company, with nineteen voyageurs, and two Indians, descend the Fraser River past Langley to the sea.
1821 Rival Hudson's Bay Company and North West amalgamate.
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Nov 24 Chief Trader James McMillan, Clerks Francis Noel Annance, Thomas McKay, and John Work, together with 36 others, leave Fort George on the Columbia River in three bateaux to search out a suitable location for a fort on the Lower Fraser River. 
Dec 13 McMillan's party enters Mud Bay and begins to ascend the Nicomekl River.
Dec 15 McMillan party reaches the Fraser River via the Salmon River.
Dec 30 McMillan's party back at Fort George.
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June 27 Chief Trader James McMillan, Clerks Annance, George Barnston, and Donald Manson, together with 21 other voyageurs leave Fort Vancouver on the Columbia to establish a Hudson's Bay Company post on the Lower Fraser, via two bateaux and schooner Cadboro.
Aug 1 First timber for the construction of Fort Langley cut.
Sept 18 Cadboro weighs anchor leaving the fort occupants to fend for themselves.
Dec 24 Chief Trader Alexander McKenzie party arrives at Fort Langley from Fort Vancouver to wish Fort Langley staff a Merry Christmas
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Feb 15 Rumours received that Chief Trader McKenzie party murdered by Clallams while camped on shores of Puget Sound. 
Oct. Sir George Simpson, Governor of the Northern Department in America for the Hudson's Bay Company arrives at Fort Langley, having descended through the Fraser Canyon after making a tour of inspection of the upcountry New Caledonia posts.  Simpson leaves Archibald McDonald in charge of Fort Langley.
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Feb 20 James Murray Yale takes command of Fort Langley.
Oct 14 Yale moves into second Fort Langley some 2 miles upriver from the original site.
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Feb 6 Governor George Simpson signs agreement with Baron Wrangell whereby the Hudson's Bay Company will supply Russian forts in the panhandle with food for the right to trade in the area.
April 11 Second Fort Langley burns to the ground.
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Aug Father Modeste Demers arrives at Fort Langley and brings the word of God to several thousand Indians.
Mar England and France become allies of the Turks against the Russians in the Crimean War.  The Hudson's Bay Company signs a secret agreement with the Russians to continue supplying food for the Russian forts in the Northern Pacific.
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Spring James Houston discovers gold on Tranquille Creek near Fort Kamloops on the Thompson River.
July 4 The Surprise, an American sternwheeler, reaches Fort Hope.
July The Umatilla, another American vessel, passes beyond Fort Hope to end of navigation at the bottom end of the Fraser Canyon at Fort Yale.
Aug 22 England's Parliament revokes the exclusive trade licence of the Hudson's Bay Company in New Caledonia.
Oct 29 First contingent of Royal Engineers, under Captain Parsons, arrives at Victoria.
Nov 19 Inauguration of the Crown Colony of British Columbia takes place in the Big House at Fort Langley under the direction of Chief Justice Matthew Baillie Begbie and James Douglas as Governor of the Crown Colony of British Columbia.
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Jan 4 Governor Douglas promulgates first Pre-emption Act.
Feb 20 Reverend William Burton Crickmer holds first services at Derby Townsite.
Nov 8 Second contingent Royal Engineers under Captain Grant, land at Victoria.
Dec 1 Gov. Douglas calls for tender for erection of parsonage, church, courthouse and gaol at Derby.
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April 11 Provincial Legislature passes the Municipality Act.
April 26 Chilliwack and Langley become the first two rural districts to incorporate.
June 2 First election of warden and councillors takes place for the newly incorporated Municipality of Langley in the little red schoolhouse located just east of Fort Langley.  James Mackie is elected first warden.
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Sept 10 Bill Miner, Louis Colquhoun and William Grell, successfully pull Canada's first train robbery at Silverdale.
Oct 3 British Columbia Electric Railway inaugural train with three gaily decorated coaches leave New Westminster en route to Chilliwack with Premier Richard McBride for the driving of the last spike ceremony.
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June 28 Student in Sarajevo, Austria, assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the thrones of Austria and Hungary, and his wife.  They were the most fateful shots in history.  In five weeks the First World War broke out and in four years more than 8,000,000 men died in battle and 20,000,000 were wounded.
Aug 4 Britain declares war on Germany bringing Canada into the First World War.


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