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Langley Story Illustrated

An Early History of The Municipality of Langley by Donald E. Waite

Presented here by special permission from the author
A couple of the Murray boys and . . . ?
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10 unknown men


To Alice, Sam, and Bill

Seal of the township of Langley, British Columbia, Canada.


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First Printing November, 1977

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This special html version is brought to you for the express purpose of correcting inaccuracies and filling holes present in the November 1977 edition.  If you can provide information, drop us a line or contact Donald Waite.



Introduction and Acknowledgements

Chapter 1:  Fur company exploration || First Fort Langley || The Hudson's Bay Company Farm or the Great Langley Prairie || A Yuculta attack || The Oregon Boundary Treaty of 1846

Chapter 2:  Fraser River gold rush || Birth of British Columbia || First Pre-emption Act || Mainland's first church || The Collins Overland Telegraph

Chapter 3:  Birth of Langley Municipality || Municipal troubles

Chapter 4:  The Great Railway

Chapter 5:  The gay nineties || Great flood of '94

Chapter 6:  Modern transportation || The Great Northern Railway || The B.C.E. Railway || The Canadian Northern Railway || The War Years

Chronology || List of men in charge of Fort Langley || Reeves of Langley Municipality || Notes || Bibliography || Address to historians || Maps showing Langley property owners || Family trees || Index

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