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* Belongs here defined as "pertaining to Living History, Historic Re-enactment, or 17th, 18th, or 19th century Historic Research".
17th century= 1601-1700
  18th century = 1701-1800
  19th century = 1801-1900


CHAT LISTS AND ROOMS Back to Directory
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The American Mountain Men website: They run a great public mailing list, very informative!

Chinook Jargon:

Fort Nisqually Chat: An email list open to friends of Fort Nisqually: A Living History Museum.  Email moderator to join.

Fort Steilacoom_WT: An email list open to friends of Historic Fort Steilacoom.  Email moderator to join.

Friends of Fort Vancouver MSN Community: A website featuring chats, photos, etc. pertaining to Fort Vancouver.

The Pilgrims_Rest: The chatroom for the Royal Engineers and Associates Re-enactment Group, includes discussions, photos, etc. pertaining to British Columbia’s early history (1858-1863), Email Moderator for invitation to join.

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Small Island Traders: Great source for Spode, etc.  In the UK, so check out their online pounds/dollars converter.

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Alteryears: A monster catalog carrying other catalogs, mostly patterns, findings, supplies, etc. Los Angeles storefront, Phone: (626) 614-9400, Fax: (626) 614-9499, Email:

Elizabeth Stewart Clark: Patterns, fabric, ready-made clothing, and FREE online patterns!

Five Rivers Chapmanry: A very nice site which features pictures of the many different patterns they carry. 82 Parkview Drive, Oragneville, ONT, Canada L9W 3J2, Phone: (519) 942-2548, Fax: (519) 942-7627 , Email

Grannd Garb: Primarily Elizabethan, but contains lots of fabric and supplies pertinent to 19th century interpretations.

Harper House: Catalog of patterns, costuming findings, and books. Her website doesn’t list all she carries. She is quick to return email messages, however, and usually sends orders out the very next day. Get her print catalog – well worth it!

Harriet’s TCS: These patterns are for the experience seamstress.

Past Patterns: Very authentically made patterns, Sandra Ros Altman is an authority to be trusted. No paper catalog. Phone: 866-Petticoat or 866-738-8426, Email:

Victoria Louise, has officially closed its "doors" and is no longer accepting orders.
If you have any questions for us, please feel free to e-mail them at

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Calapooia Traders: They are local, and the finest crafters of AUTHENTIC 18th century apparel - period. $2 for catalog. David & Annette Harvey, PO Box 3310, Albany, OR 97321

The Fitting Room: The home for custom designed corsetry & quality corset making supplies.

Lady of The Lake Costumes & Creations: historical reenactment clothing and craft items, plus useful items made from gourds.  We are expanding into the Civil War/Mountain Man/Rendezvous eras as well.

Lavender’s Green: The finest in dressmaking for ladies and fine tailoring for gentlemen, all eras. $3 for print catalog. 337 NE 2nd Ave., Hillsboro, OR 97124, Phone: (503) 640-6936, (800) 491-3873

Martha’s Authentic Designs: Specializing in Civil War ladies’ wear. Use her photos online for research. Martha Aytes, Phone: (828) 684-5557, Fax: (828) 684-1047

Originals By Kay: featuring Quality Corsetry, Reproduction Victorian Clothing, Millinery, Bespoke & Custom Work And much more!  819 Wilt Street, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802. (260) 422 7617

Timeless Stitches: A Civil War Sutlery With great 19th Century Patterns & Fine Handmade Period Vintage Clothing for Men, Women, and Children -- Accessories -- Military Items.  7060 Joy Road, Everson, WA. 98247-9400 (360)-966-5132 (360) 966-2665

COSTUMING - HIGH END CUSTOM (A look-but-who-can-afford site) Back to Directory
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Ages of Elegance: Oh my… Not to be missed, but who can afford?

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Bissonnette On Costume: Period illustrations, original garment photos, tons of research.  Click on the silhouettes.

China Calico Buttons: Everything you’d ever want to know!

Corsets and Crinolines: Victorian, Edwardian, Antique, and Vintage Clothing.

The Costume Gallery: Fashion research from the period. Pre-paid fee required for access.

The Costume Page: Costuming Resources Online.  The study of Costume History.

The Costumer’s Manifesto: Everything you could possibly ever want in a costume-related website!

Fingerweaving: Jeff Gottfred from NW Journal tells all!

Godey’s Lady’s Book Online: For those who can’t afford to buy an original.

The Great Pattern Review: Check this site before buying that pattern!

Hoopskirts and Crinolines: Information on same, photos, period anecdotes, etc.

Second Virginia’s Civilian Costume Tips and Helpful Articles:

DANCE Back to Directory
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The Colonial Dancing Master: Books and tapes relating to dance, music, song and social customs of 18th century. The Hendrickson Group, PO Box 766, Sandy Hook CT 06482-0766, Phone: (203) 426-9266, Fax: (203) 426-1165 Email:

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Chile-N-Crackers: Purveyor of China Calico Buttons.

Daisy Kingdom: The Daisy Kingdom online store has been permanently shut down and we are no longer taking orders.  If you are interested in viewing current Daisy Kingdom fabric, you can still check out their corporate site at You will still be able to purchase Daisy Kingdom fabric at your favorite fabric and retail stores all across the United States. You can also view our products at the Daisy Kingdom retail store in Portland Oregon. For more information call them at 503-222-9033.  For questions involving returns or unsettled accounts please contact them at 1-800-572-5771

Fabric Depot: Located in Gresham (east of Portland), OR, they have a huge selection, great sales, and run special sales that are only good online. Get on their mailing list to be informed of their big sales.

Farthingales: Fabrics by Mail They sell costume and corset supplies, patterns, and hoop steel as well as findings. They also offer on-line classes for corsets and bustles.

Lacis: Specializing in lace, lacemaking supplies, ribbons, tassels, trims, etc.Owners Jules & Kaethe Kliot, 3163 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703, Phone: (510) 843-7178, Fax: (510) 843-5018    Email:

Mill End Store – Beaverton, OR: Great selection, silks you can’t find anywhere else!

Mill End Store – Milwaukie, OR: They have more home dec, and a clearance room you won’t believe!

Rabbit Goody: Historic Textiles - Coverlets, Carpeting, and 17th, 18th, & 19th Century reproduction clothing fabrics. (formerly "Patchworks"): Historic reproduction cottons from 1775 to 1950, aimed at quilters, great pics for research! 317 E. Mendenhall Suite D, Bozeman, MT 59715, Phone: (406) 586-1775, Order line: 1-888-728-2495, Fax: (406) 586-8847, Email:  

Sewing Central: Historic reproduction fabric, patterns, supplies, etc. Phone: (888) 262-3946, Email:

Timeless Textiles

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Démodé: Women's Clothing 1750-1919 shows photos of original women's clothing from the 19th century.  The link here will get you to the 1860s clothing. The menu along the left has links for each decade

Laughing Moon Mercantile: Purveyors of sewing patterns, Clothing, & Accessories.  Victorian Balls and Weddings • Dickens' Faires • Wild West
Single Action Shooters • Gold and Silver Rush
Dance Hall or Saloon Gal • Pioneers • Gilbert and Sullivan Melodramas • Corsetry • Ragtime • Early Auto

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The American Longrifles: Dedicated to the building of historically accurate American Longrifles.

The American Mountain Men: AMM library of journals, diaries, etc.

Beaver Fur Hat: describes the process of making a beaver felt hat during the 1700's and early 1800's.

Biography of Archibald McDonald: He is considered the founder of Fort Nisqually.

British Columbia Archives

Canadiana: Collection of published Canadiana from 16th through 19th centuries

Capsule biographies of Fur Trade Wives: Mostly Chinook-speaking wives, such as Helene McDonald,

The Cariboo Gold Rush and the Royal Engineers

The Children of Fort Langley: Lisa Peppan’s website about the Hudson's Bay Company employees who worked at Fort Langley between 1827 and 1894, their wives, and their descendants.

Corps of Discovery: Excerpts from the journals of the Corps of Discovery

The Empire of the Bay: Website for “The Empire of the Bay” documentary that ran on PBS

Fort Nisqually History: NOT the official website of the Fort

Fort Nisqually History: NOT the official website of the Fort

Glossary of British and Indian Army Terms: Invaluable for learning sources of Star Trek names!

History of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest

Internet library of 18th & 19th Century journals

John Work's HBC Journals

The Langley Story Illustrated: The Official On-line version of Donald E. Waite's 1977 book

Lexicon of the Chinook Jargon

Lisa Peppan's Genealogy Page: Lisa's ancestors worked at Forts Langley, Nisqually, and Vancouver, and quite possibly Belleview Farm on San Juan Island

Making of America: A digital library of primary sources.

The Metis Nation's website: A must read!

Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs for British Columbia

Museum of Anthropology at University of British Columbia

The Northwest Journal: A great resource!

On Line Conversion: This site was created to convert one form of measurement to another. There are some old ones, like stones to pounds, and hogsheads to gills, and scruples to drams.

"The Other Métis": people not represented by the Metis Nation, their story and website

The Vancouver Métis Association

Peter Skene Ogden's Snake River Journals

Spokane Tribe website

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BC Heritage: A links page to historic sites in British Columbia – some of the finest websites in the history business!

Canadian Museum of Civilization/Canadian War Museum/Virtual Museum

Fort Langley National Historic Site (BC)
23433 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC V1M 2R5 CANADA, Phone: (604) 513-4777, Fax: (604) 513-4788

Fort Langley Cyber Tour: Put up by the lovely Lisa Peppan

Fort Lachine: Parks Canada (English) website

Fort Nisqually: A Living History Museum: The OFFICIAL web page. HBC trading post, year of re-creation 1855. 5400 North Pearl, #11, Tacoma, WA 98407, Phone: (253) 591-5339, Email:

Fort Prince of Wales: Parks Canada (English) website

Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse (BC): Site dedicated to preserving BC’s military heritage. FABULOUS staff!!! Dale Mumford, event coordinator, Email:

Fort St. James: Parks Canada Website

Fort Steilacoom: US military installation, 1845-1868, year of re-creation 1859. 9601 Steilacoom Blvd. S.W. (PO Box 88447), Steilacoom, WA 98388, Phone: (253) 582-3301, Email:

FORT TÉMISCAMINGUE-Obadjiwan: Parks Canada (English) website

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site: HBC trading post, year of re-creation 1845. Bill DeBerry, event coordinator, (360) 696-7659 *13

Fort Victoria: Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Victoria

Irving House Historic Centre & the New Westminster Museum & Archives: A home since 1865 - An historic centre since 1950.  Pioneer home of Captain William Irving -- "King of the River." 302 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC, Canada, V3L 1H7
For information phone: (604) 527-4640.

Lower Fort Garry: Parks Canada (English) website

Museum of the Fur Trade:

Rocky Mountain House: Parks Canada (English) website

San Juan Island National Historical Park: The Pig War in all it’s glory, tons of photos, great research! Mike Vouri, event coordinator
San Juan Island NHP
P.O. Box 429
Friday Harbor, WA, 98250
Phone: (360) 378-2240/(360)378-2902
Fax (360) 378-2615/(360378-2996

Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia: The steamer sank in 1856 in the Missouri River and was found 132 years later with its cargo in MINT condition. A rare and wonderful trove!

York Factory: Parks Canada (English) website

HUDSON’S BAY COMPANY Back to Directory
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The Hudson’s Bay Company history:

HBC archives/artifacts from the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature:

The HBC Digital Collection:

Manitoba Provincial Archives-HBC Archives

JEWELRY Back to Directory
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The Forum: A page of original Victorian jewelry for sale, great photos for research!

Winterthur Museum Garden & Library: Reproduction jewelry, home and personal accessories.

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C & D Jarnagin: French and Indian War through Civil War uniforms and accoutrements. PO Box 1860 (103 Franklin Street), Corinth, MS 38834-1860, Phone: (662) 287-4977, Fax: (662) 287-6033, Email:

Fall Creek Sutlery: Just about anything for the Civil War reenactor. $3 for print catalog. PO Box 92, Whitestown, IN 46075, Phone: (765) 482-1861, Fax: (765) 482-1848, Email:

Thin Red Line: Incredibly high-end military uniforms for the purist!

MILLINERY Back to Directory
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Clearwater Hats: Primarily men’s hats, best to be had. Phone: (870) 746-4324, Fax: (870) 746-4294, Email: burton@mvtelnet

Victorian Millinery: Specializing in custom headwear for the Victorian lady.

Victorian Millinery: Originals for Study is a page within the above web site that is a compilations of mid 19th century examples of costuming and accessories.  A great resource!

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Bradley Company of the Fox: Primarily aimed at 18th century reenacting and rendezvous items 4330 N. State Rd. 110, Oshkosh WI 54904, Phone: (920) 233-5332 - FAX: (920) 233-1373

Crazy Crow Trading Post: Beads, blankets, feathers, leathers, pow wow and rendezvous supplies. $3 for print catalog. PO Box 847 Pottsboro, TX 75076-0847, Phone: (800) 786-6210, Fax: (903) 786-9059, Email:

Dixie Gun Works: The original and still a fabulous resource! $5 for paper catalog. P.O. Box 130, Gunpowder Lane, Union City, TN 38281, Phone: 901-885-0700, Fax: 1-901-885-0440, Email:

Great Northern Trading Company: Beads to Guns, Original Accoutrements to Glassware. 55 Stanmore Rd., Warwick, RI. 02889-2219, Phone & Fax: 401-732-5105, email:

Hamilton Dry Goods: Everything you could want. No paper catalog, website is their catalog. Ron 'Tennessee' Hamilton, 2510 Randolph Road, Cookeville, Tennessee 38506, Phone: 931-528-6061, Email

Mercury Supply Company Sutler: Military and Civilian clothing and goods for the Victorian era. No print catalog. 101 Lee Street, Livingston, TX 77351, Phone: (936) 327-3707, Fax: (936) 327-3791, Email:

Mill Creek Mercantile: Local Civil War sutler, website has few photos, but they do have a retail storefront. PO Box 898, Mulino, OR 97042, Phone: (503) 829-3678, Fax: (503) 829-7220, Email:

Panther Primitives: Tentmakers and providers of all camp furniture and accoutrements. Print Catalog $2. Phone: (800) 487-2684, Fax: (304) 462-7718, Email:

Smiling Fox Forge: Primarily 18th century, plenty of fine stuff, clothes, kids things, accoutrements, sewing tools, etc. 3500 County Road 234, Fremont, OH 43420, Phone: (419) 334-8180

Jas. Townsend and Son is a mail order company that supplies 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history. They specialize in Historic Clothing, Camp Gear, Tents, Books, Music, Knives, Tomahawks, Oak kegs and other assorted goods for people or organizations reenacting the periods from 1750 to 1840 especially the French and Indian War, American Revolution, and War of 1812. They have been serving historical reenactors since 1973. Jas. Townsend and Son is located in northern Indiana about 45 minutes west of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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HistoricalTrekking.Com: The online magazine for Historic Trekkers.

Living Victorian Web Magazine: “Victorian living through modern eyes.” Guns, guns and more articles about guns!

The Northwest Journal: The quarterly publication of the Northwest Brigade Club.

Victorian Elegance: A webpage devoted to sharing Victorian themed graphics, wallpaper, etc.

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The 41st Regimental Foot Re-enactment Unit

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Canadian Reenactment from the Victorian Era: A compendium of reenactment units.

The Coalition of Historical Trekkers: Dedicated to the preservation and study of the pre-1840’s frontier people.

The Columbia Detachment of the Royal Engineers 1858-1863 See also The Real Royal Engineers, below

Living History — Selecting a Character: Being a discussion of some characters to portray during reenactments.

Northwest Civil War Council: Oregon’s Civil War Website, lists their events and others of interest

The Real Royal Engineers: An in depth look at the historical Royal engineers, sent to the Crown Colony of British Columbia in 1858, plus information about the Royal Engineers & Associates Living History Group.  See also The Columbia Detachment of the Royal Engineers 1858-1863, above

Washington Civil War Association: Washington’s Civil War Website, lists their events as well as others of interest.

The White Oak Society: Fur Trade living history circa 1798, Deer River, Minnesota

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Do-it-yourself Center-seam Moccasin Instructions

Fugawee: THE source for authentic Victorian ladies footwear, also Colonial, Men’s, etc. GREAT SERVICE!! 3127 Corrib Drive, Tallahassee, FL  32308, Phone: 800-749-0387, Fax: 850-893-5742, Email:

How To Make a pair of woodland style mocassins: downloadable pattern

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Buckaroo Bobbins: Make a very nice Carpet Bag. Other items primarily aimed at Wild West/Cowboy Action aficionados. PO Box 1168, Chino Valley, AZ 86323, Phone: (520) 636-1885, Fax: (520) 636-8134

The Trunk Shoppe: Lots of splendid trunks, boxes, and chests for all manner of uses. Phone (970) 921-4770, Fax (970) 921-4771, E-mail :

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Collage: A modern source for period reproduction writing materials.

WEBRINGS (Sites linked together by interest – these are the sites that list the member sites) Back to Directory
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All The King's Men Webring:

American History Web Ring:

The Coalition of Historical Trekkers Web Ring:

The Living History Web Ring:

The Mountain Man Web Ring:

LINKS PAGES (Sites that list multiple links to resources of interest) Back to Directory
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18th Century Living History

Black Powder Rendezvous: Links page to same

Coon ‘n Crockett’s Almost Complete List of Muzzleloading & Buckskinning Links:’s Links Page: One of the best lists of quality sutlers I’ve seen online.

Mountain Man Rendezvous: A page with links to all time periods.

Appropriate Patterns for Women: 1845 as of June 2001 Back to Directory
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These patterns can all be found in the Harper House (Volume 4) print catalog. Their website does not list all the patterns they carry. Harper House has excellent, fast customer service – they usually ship the next day.

Harper House
PO Box 246
West Sunbury, PA  16061
Phone: 724-637-0157  Fax: 724-637-0159  Email:


Past Patterns The BEST historical pattern company out there. Directions are clear, patterns fit together well, and finished garments fit. The best thing: There are color pictures on the pattern envelope of the original garment’s picture (from which the pattern was taken), and there are extensive documentary notes included.
1830-1836 Full High Gown P003
Lowell Mill Girl Dress P806
Single and Flounced Skirt P800
Mid-1840’s Fan Front Bodice P801
Late 1840-early 1850 Round Dress P803
Early to Mid-19th Century Stays (no bones, maternity, working,etc.) P705
1850-1860 Wrapper (good for maternity wear, or morning camp robe) P807
1850-1870 Sacque and Petticoat (appropriate for 1845 – maternity wear, morning robe, or working clothes) P808
1850-1862 Fashionable Skirt (appropriate for 1845) P700
1850-1867 Gathered Bodice (appropriate for 1845) P701
Victorian Sunbonnet P802
1850’s – 1850’s Drawers and Petticoat P706
Two Chemises 1850-1860 (first try the free directions at P707
Early 19th Century Chemises (first try the free directions) P003
1820 1850 Corded Stays P001
1820 1850 Corded Stays KIT (all supplies included) CK001
1840-1880’s Stay or Corset P708
1840-1880’s Stay or Corset KIT (all supplies included) CK708


Period Impressions One of the oldest historical patterns lines out there. The directions are notoriously not clear, but the patterns are themselves good.
1828 Daydress IM443
1837 Robe Front Daydress IM442
1830 Daydress & Pelerine IM440
1837 Day Dress IM445
1845 Day Dress IM447
1859 Modified Fan Front Day Dress (style is appropriate for 1845) IM448
Ladies’ 18th Century Shift (longer sleeve) IM510
18th Century Caps and Pockets (good for laboring class) IM815
1740 Shortgown (good for laboring class) IM423
1770 Cloak with Hood IM425
Chemisette IM400
Ladies Collars and Cuffs IM399
Undersleeves IM401
1830-1860 Soft Bonnets IM816
1838 City Bonnet and Cap IM819
Lady’s Chemise IM504
1860’s Light French Corset (very easy pattern, very comfortable to wear) IM503
Corded and Tucked Petticoats IM607
Fitted Bodice IM417
1850-1860 Work Dress (appropriate for 1845) IM453


Patterns of History One of the oldest historical patterns lines out there.
1840 Day Dress WIS1840
1835 Afternoon Costume WIS1835


Old World Enterprises One of the oldest historical pattern companies out there.
1825 Romantic Gown OW821
Romantic Accessories OW830A
1835 Romantic Gown OW831
1840 Romantic Ball Gown OW841


Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park Environmental Living Program The directions for this gown are sometimes not clear.  It is reasonably easy, and is sold in the FOVA gift shop.
1840’s Wrapper Dress, Sunbonnet and Pockets SFORT-1


Rocking Horse Farm No information on this line – no one has reviewed them.
Day Dress 1837-1840 RH237
1860 Day Dress (it is a universal style that is appropriate for 1845) RH264
Shortgown, Petticoat & Chemise (appropriate for laboring class) RH182
Early 19th Century Accessories RH197


La Fleur de Lyse No information on this line – no one has reviewed them.
1740-60 Ladies’ Clothing Ensemble 
(this is universal work attire, appropriate for laboring class)


The Mantua-Maker No information on this line – no one has reviewed them.
No. 1820-1  Romantic Era Gown 1820-1
No. 1700-5  1550-1840 Under Petticoat 1700-5
No. 1840-1  1840 Mantle 1840-1
No. 1800-5  1750-1900 Fingerless Mittens 1800-5
No. 1800-1  1600-1840 Chemise (try making the free pattern first – 1800-1
No. 1800-3 1850-1890 Ball Gown Chemise (try making the free pattern first) 1800-3
No. 1810-4  1800-1830 Pantalettes (try making the free pattern first) 1810-4


Kannick’s Korner Recommended pattern line by Annette Harvey of Calapooia Traders. These are all appropriate for laboring class.
Woman’s Short Cloak KK-6901
Stockings, Pockets and Mitts KK-6001
Woman’s Shift 18th Century English Style (longer sleeve) KK-6102
Woman’s Shift 1790-1820 English Style Shift KK-6103

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