Little Peppy's Racing Album

The pictures that follow are from an old fashioned, leather-bound photo album.  The pages are heavy black paper, the pictures are held in with black corner mounts (the kind you had to lick to get them to stick), with captions written in white ink.  Most of the handwriting in the album was that of the fellow most folks in the Greater Puget Sound area knew as Peppy, or Big Peppy.  My two bothers and I knew know of him as Grampa, but never had the pleasure of knowing him.

What we did have was the photo album he put together of his sons' motorcycle racing.  Through that we knew how very proud he was of his two sons, and the support he and Gramma gave them in their endevours.

Some of the folks in the following pictures are unidentified.  If you know who they are, drop us a line and tell us.

As kids, we bragged about Daddy's racing days, dragging the big heavy album out and backing the words with pictures.  Then one day, someone my brother knew asked if he could borrow the album.  Seeing no problem with it, Don said, "Yeah sure."

I do wish you could see ALL the pictures, in the condition we remember them, but when the album eventually made its way home, not only were there pictures missing, but there was significant water-damage . . . pictures stuck to pictures.  I do not know what possessed the borrower of the photo album, but if you should see a picture that looks like it belongs with those presented here, please send it home.

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