Gooch, Teal, and Hibdon

Occasionally, I'll run into a researcher with whom I feel a kinship, even though there's no real proof.  Mike Hardester is one of those researchers.

Now, perhaps it's that he's having just as tough a time with his Native American lines as I am.  Or it could be that somewhere, waaaaay back there, we have a common ancestor or two among the Five Civilized Tribes of the southeastern United States; on a couple different Native related mailing lists, I've seen it said that, "The Blood remembers."

Regardless of all that, Mike's a really good guy, which is why I've given him a page for some of his pesky relatives.

"Gooch, Teal, and Hibdon"
by Mike Hardester
30 April 2000

One of my great grandfathers was Ed GOOCH (according to my grandfather's death certificate).  He and my grandfather were born in Missouri.  A genealogist in Missouri could not locate any Ed GOOCH, but found a Gideon GOOCH that matches what information I have on my family.

Ed GOOCH does not show up on a complete search of the US Census rolls, so I'm wondering if this Ed GOOCH was on a reservation and overlooked?

My grandfather, John W. GOOCH, was born in 1881, and his location in 1900 is believed to be Arkansas (Sevier County).  He married my grandmother, Exie Pearl TEAL, there in 1904.  An uncle and aunt were born there in 1905 and 1907 respectively, and my mother was born in either Caddo, Bryan Co., OK or Caddo Co., OK in 1912.

Whoever Ed GOOCH (my great-grandfather) was, he hasn't been found on any census or land records.  For that matter, I can't locate any files on John W. GOOCH, except that I have a copy of the marriage license, and have found land records for John GOOCH (presumably him) in AR on 9 September 1900.  Maybe wishful thinking, but I do recall my uncle (Granville GOOCH), although I saw him only twice.  He and my aunt's husband, Albert HIBDON -- a non-enrolled Cherokee -- looked like brothers.

I also found information on a NARA file regarding an Ed GOOCH:

Control Number: NRFF-75-53A-33044
Unit of Description: Item
Record Group Number: 75
Series ID: 53A
Item ID: 33044
Title: Enrollment for Ed Gooch
General Materials Designator Record Type: Textual Records
Reference Unit: National Archives--Southwest Region
Agency Name: National Archives and Records Administration
Facility Name: Building 1, Dock 1
Address: 501 West Felix Street
City: Fort Worth\par State: TX
Zip Code: 76115
Telephone Number: 817-334-5525
Fax Number: 817-334-5621
Organizational Code: NRFF
Creating Organization: Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Scope and Content: Tribe: Creek
Type: By Blood
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Roll: 7773
Degree Indian Blood: 1/2
Census Card Number: 2633
City of Residence: ABEKA DEEP FORK
Personal Name Reference: Ed Gooch
Item Count/Item Type: item(s) |c 1
Source Project: Kiosk
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But I don't know if he's my great grandfather, and would rather not order the file without knowing for sure.

Do you recognize him?


Mike Hardester


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