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The Tanguay portion of the Monster Data Base is complete, topping out at 26,142 individuals.  Yes: twenty-six thousand, one hundred and forty-two.  It started innocently enough in 2000 with a curiosity to see where the assorted collateral family lines went.  After all, there have been Pépins in North America since the 1600s.

The bulk of the information in the Monster Data Base comes from The Tanguay.  It's full title is: DICTIONNAIRE GÉNÉALOGIQUE des FAMILLES CANADIENNES depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'a nos jours par L'Abbé Cyprien Tanguay.  Depuis 1608 jusqu'à 1700. Province de Quebec, 1871, a seven volume set of books, published in Québec in 1871.

The rest comes from a number of sources, including but not limited to:

  • The Rene Jetté aka The Jetté

  • The Hudson's Bay Company Archives

  • Morag Maclachlan's Fort Langley Journals 1827-30

  • Vital Statistics British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State, USA

  • The personal research of my many cousins.  Some of this information I've had since before I recognized the value of recording my sources.  Cousins: if you see your work here without your name on it, drop me an email and I'll fix it. (I drove cab for 11 years and have very few functioning brains cells left.)

And, yes, I know there are inaccuracies in The Tanguay. I have become quite familiar with them.  Which brings us round to the purpose of this section of the web site.

In assembling the Monster Database, I found many web sites with bits and chunks of the information here.  The difference here is that I'm showing how interrelated the First Families of Québec were-- including the three main North American Pepin lines--according to Father Tanguay.  I include Volume (Tome), page number, and any footnotes (the treasure is in the footnotes).  I hope that those of you who come from some of these lines might feel inclined to correct/add to the info from The Tanguay.  

You will find individuals who have no source notes.  Early on, I was certain I could remember whose information was whose.  HAH!  I say, HAH!, as well as Fat chance. and a few things much less polite.  As you peruse these pages, I would be mighty grateful if you would bring these individuals to my attention.

My thanks to the the folks with the LDS for PAF Multi Language (5.75 MB) -- aka Personal Ancestral File (it's item number 77062999).  I've tried a few other genealogy programs --including Family Tree Maker and Brother's Keeper-- and my personal preference is PAF 4.0 (there are newer versions but I STILL prefer 4.0).

If you see a glaring inaccuracy, PLEASE drop me an email, and when you do, please include more than just the individual's name.  Out of the 26,142 individuals in this Monster Data Base, there are 10 Jean Pépins, 16 Jean-Baptiste Pépins, 34 Joseph Pépins, 26 Louis Pépins, 29 Pierre Pepins, 13 Marie Pépins, 36 Marie-Joseph Pépins. 

The high-end cut-off date is 1901, and I am doing my level best to include no information on living people (other than those who have told told via email that they don't mind).  If I missed someone, it was unintentional; email me and I'll fix it AND send you an email in return to let you know I've done it.

If there's a family line here that you would like to see more on, drop me an email, and I'll put it up.

The directory, below, will be updated as I add all the family lines.  Until this long and tedious process is done, this will be one long page.  When I'm done, I'll divide the resultant long page into individuals pages -- the A page, the B page, etc.  Until then, if you are looking for someone in particular, let the page load and then, on your keyboard, push the CTRL key, hold it down and then push the F key.  Then type in the name you're looking for, and click FIND NEXT.

Oh, yeah . . .

When you send in corrections please include your original source, such as the René Jetté . . . the Red Drouin . . . the Blue Drouin . . . parish records from [fill in the blank], the research you inherited from Great Grand Aunt Marie-Geneviève; I occasionally get email asking where I found certain information.

My French is not good enough yet to translate so you will see at lot of French.  Some of the most common words are:

apres = after mort = died tué/tuée* = killed
avant = before trouvé/trouvée* = found b = baptized
né/née* = born noyé/noyée* = drowned s = buried

* é  is masculine and ée is feminine.

In closing, the biggest reason for the long preamble is to give you something to read while the rest of this page loads.

The Directory of                   

Old World Families whose Children came to New France
and their grandchildren

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T  | | V | W  | X  | Y | Z

André & Greffen |

| Basque & Dergeau | Besnard & Sédilot | Blouard & Perot | Boucher | Bourget & Gobilion | Bourgoin & Bastard | Bourgouin & Morière | Bourloton & Bouillard | Bouron & Souchet | Bouteillet & Choublet | Boutillet & Fictions | Boutin & Raimbault | Boutin dit Larose & Rocheteau | Bouvier & Darondeau | Boyer & Raveneau | Brideault & Duclos | Brière & Frérot | Brien & Liou | Brillant & Vigne | Brochu & Gaschet | Brouillard & Chaunier | Brousson & Gribau | Brunel & Bousingot |

| Chamfrin & Le Breton | Contant & Vinet | Crête & Legrande | Curé & Maupartny |

| Delafons & Prieur | De la Salle & Aristoie | De la Mare & Busevestre Denot & Drafondre | De Thauvenet & De Mancelin | Diau & Roquin | Du Faye & Noury |

| Fayette & Lecoche |

| Gallien & Nommaire | Gaulin/Gosselin&Bonnemer | Goard/Gouard & Léger | Godfroy & Cronier | Guillaudeau & Baudouin | Guyon & Ablin |

| Havard & De Girard | Hay & Baudouin | Hédouin & Rochelin | Hélouis & Laisné | Hérou & Royer | Hellot & Durand | Hertel & Nirrio |

| Isabel & Adam |

| L'Admiraut & Clos | Lebrun & Gautier | Lemaistre & Deharme | Leroux & Leblanc | Louvet & David |

| Marcheteau & unknown | Marcotte & Bouchard | Marcoux & Juneau | Marette & Cotti | Marguerie & Romain | Marie & Peigné | Marien & Malier | Maroist & Livrade | Martel & Duchesne | Messier | Moreau & Gabar | Moreau & Girard |

| Pépin dit Tranchemontagne & Méchin | Pépin (dit Lachance) & De Bourville | Pépin & Dumont | Pinet & Hébert |

| Quelué & Camus |

| Regnault & De la Haye | Rocheron & Lemoine | Royer & Païse|

| Saulnier & Chevillard | Shmid & Chaupine | St-Aubin & Presar |

| Targer & Martin | Taurey & Margot | Tessier & Meine | Testu & Talonneau | Tuillier & Louier |

| Varin | Verreau & Rocher | Voyer |

| Willis & Foxgill

In the below pages --created with PAF 4.0-- you will see things that looks like   If you  click on it, it will take you back to the "top" page of what ever surname you're looking at (I mention this only because I just figured out what it does).

=The Monster Database, Page Two: A List of Surnames=
Pierre ANDRÉ and Madeleine GREFFEN 22 Mar 05
  Jacques André
Marie-Anne Godfroy
Philippe BASQUE and Marie DERGEAU of Coignac, évèché de Xaintes 23 Mar 05
  François Basque
married Angélique BOUTIN
Jean BESNARD and Madeleine MAILLARD of Villiers, évèché d'Angers 23 Mar 05
  René Besnard dit Bourjoli
married Marie Sédilot
David BLOUARD and Jeanne PEROT of Roussenet, évèché d'Angers 25 Mar 05
  Mathurin Blouard
married Marie-Marguerite Polet
The BOUCHER  brothers of Langy, Mortagne. 26 Mar 05
  Gaspard Boucher
Nicole Lemaine
  Marie Boucher
married Etienne De Lafond
Marin Boucher
          married 1st: Julienne Barry
               married 2nd: Périnne Malet
Jean BOURGET and Marie GOBILION of St. Sauveur, ville de Blois, évèché de Chartres 22 Mar 05
  Claude Bourget
married Marie Couture
Pierre Bourget
married Marie Jean dit Denis
François BOURGOIN and Andrée BASTARD of Frontenay, évèché de LaRochelle 23 Mar 05
  Pierre Bourgoin dit LeBourguignon
married Catherine Basset
Didier BOURGOUIN and Anne MORIÈRE 23 Mar 05
  Didier Bourgouin dit St-Paul
married Marie Braseau
Pierre BOURLOTON and Jeanne BOUILLARD of St. Marcou, évèché de Poitiers 23 Mar 05
  Pierre Bourloton
married Anne Renaut
Hilaire BOURON and Hélène SOUCHET of St. Hilaire-sur-Lotize, évèché de La Rochelle 22 Mar 05
     married Anne Binet
          married Marie-Françoise Chagnon
André BOUTEILLET and Jeanne CHOUBLET of St. André de Trois-voix, ville de Nantes 16 Mar 05
  André Boutillet
married Angélique Chapacou
Jean BOUTILLET and Anne FICTON of St. Project, évèché de Bordeaux 15 Mar 05
  Jacques Boutillet
married Marguerite Verreau
Jean BOUTIN and Georgette RAIMBAULT 23 Mar 05
  Antoine Boutin
married Geneviève GAUDIN
Jean BOUTIN dit Larose and Suzanne ROCHETEAU 22 Oct 06
  Angélique Boutin
married François Basque
Louis BOUVIER and Anne DARONDEAU of la Flèche 22 Mar 05
  Michel Bouvier
married Mathurine Des Bordes
  Suzanne Bouvier
Louis Brien dit Désrocher
Claude BOYER and Sébastienne RAVENEAU of Fountaine-Millon, évèché d'Angers 22 Mar 05
  Etienne Boyer dit Lafontaine
married Marie-Thérèse Viel
Jean BRIDEAULT and Marthe DUCLOS of  Montmorency, évèché de Paris 26 Mar 05
  Jean Brideault
married Marie Crête
Denis BRIÈRE and Jacquette FRÉROT of Ste. Marguerite, évèché de Rouen 17 Mar 05
  Denis Brière dit Labriére
married Françoise Bigot
Julien BRIEN and Jeanne LIOU 23 Mar 05
  Louis Brien dit Désrocher
Suzanne Bouvier
Jean BRILLANT and Jeanne VIGNE of Toussaint, diocèse de Rennes, Bretagne 17 Mar 05
  Jean-Baptiste Brilland dit Beaulieu
married Françoise Itagisse dit Chrétienne, aka Françoise Sauteuse
Louis BROCHU and Renée GASCHET 24 Mar 05
  Jean Brochu
married Nicole Saulnier
  Ann Brochu
married Noel Lebrun dit Carrier
Louis BROUILLARD and Marie CHAUNIER of Lisigny, évèché Poitiers. 22 Mar 05
  Charles Brouillard
married Pétronille Dany
François BROUSSON and Françoise GRIBAUT of St. Louis, évèché de Beauvais. 22 Mar 05
  François Brousson
married Marie-Jeanne Colet
Jean BRUNEL and Jeanne BOUSINGOT of St. Nicolas-des-Champs, de Paris 25 Mar 05
  Jean Brunel dit la Sablonnière
married Marie-Madeleine Richaume
Vincent CHAMFRIN and Marguerite LE BRETON 22 Mar 05
  Renée Chamfrin
married Pierre Garant
Jean CONTANT and Anne VINET of St-Martin-de-Luçoin, Bas-Poitou 23 Mar 05
  Michel Contant
married Marie-Jeanne Brousseau
Antoine CRÈTE, son of Jehan Crête and Marguerite Chaudon, grandson of Martin Crête
and Jeanne LeGRANDE, daughter of Noel Legrande and Suzanne Loyseau, granddaughter of Augustin Legrande
15 Mar 05
  Jean Crête
married Marguerite Gosselin
  Marie Crête
     married Robert Pépin
          married Jean Brideault
Simon CURÉ and Marie MAUPARTNY of N.-D. de Vitry-le-Français, diocèse de Châlons, Champagne 23 Mar 05
  Nicolas Curé dit Champagne
     married Madeleine Marchand
          married Elisabeth Jahan
Pierre DELAFONS and Françoise PRIEUR of St. Laurent de le Barrière, St. Onge.

26 Mar 05

  Etienne De Lafond
married Marie Boucher

Though Tanguay says that Etienne De Lafond is the brother of Guillaume Pépin, descendants of Etienne's say no; Pierre and Françoise are Etienne's parents, and it is Etienne who was baptized at St. Laurent de le Barrière, St. Onge.

Guillaume's origins are still unknown.  Once all the families in the Monster Database have been put online, I shall change the above to reflect the info I have received from Etienne's descendants as well as the PRDH (# 66354).

Jean DE LA SALLE and Marie ARISTOIE of Bresque. ville de Bayonne 22 Mar 05
  Jean De la Salle dit Le Basque
married Louise Jousset dit Laloire
David DE LA MARE and Anne BUSEVESTRE of St. Maclou, de Rouen 13 May 05
  Marie De la Mare
married  Guillaume Renaud
Elie DENOT and Marie DRAFONDRE of du bourg de Porcheresse, évèché d'Angoulême 16 Mar 05
  Marie Denot dit Martinière
     married 1st:  Etienne Vien
          married 2nd:  Mathurin Labat
               married 3rd:  Louis Ozanne dit Lafrond
Raymond DE THAUVENET and Elizabeth DE MANCELIN 26 Mar 05
  Marguerite De Thauvenet
François Hertel
Jean DIAU and Marie ROQUIN of St-Saturnin-de-Viennes, près de Blois 16 Mar 05
  Jean Diau
married Geneviève Doyer
Jean DU FAYE and Marguerite NOURY of St. Hilaire, évèché de Reims 26 Mar 05
  Françoise Du Faye
married Martin Henne dit Le Portugais
Etienne FAYETTE and Anne LECOCHE of Paris 25 Mar 05
  Marie Fayette
married  Nicolas Huot dit St-Laurent
Robert GALLIEN and Charlotte NOMMAIRE of Valreuille, de Lizieux 13 May 05
  Robert Gallien
married  Anne Masson
Vincent GAULIN and Marie BONNEMER of St. Martin, de Vieux-Belesme, au Perche  15 Mar 05
  Marguerite Gosselin
married Jean Crête
François Gaulin
married Marie-Madeleine Rocheron
François GODFROY and Jeanne CRONIER of Villeneuve-St-Georges, diocèse de Paris. 22 Oct 06
  François Godfroy de St-Georges
married Suzanne Pepin
    Marie-Anne Godfroy
Jacques André
Gilles GOUARD and Catherine LÉGER of St. Sulpice, faubourg St. Germain-des-Prez 17 Mar 05
  Mathurine Goard
married Louis Marie dit Ste-Marie
Jean GUILLAUDEAU and Madeleine BAUDOUIN of Notre-Dame-du-Bourg-de-la-Flotte, diocèse de La-Rochelle 23 Mar 05
  Madeleine Guillaudeau
married Jean Pointevin dit Laviolette
Jean GUYON and Jeanne ABLIN 22 Mar 05
  Julien Guyon dit St. Julien
married Jeanne Mey
Gabriel HAVARD and Françoise DE GIRARD of Beaugeois, en Anjou 26 Mar 05
  Pierre Havard
married Louise Gaultier
Gabriel HAY and Catherine BAUDOUIN of évèché d'Auxerres 26 Mar 05
  Pierre Hay
     married Geneviève Benoit
          married Catherine Campeau
Romain HÉDOUIN and Marguerite ROCHELIN of Rouen 22 Mar 05
  Jacques Hédouin dit Laforge
married Jeanne Brassard
Jacques HÉLOUIS and Françoise LAISNÉ of Durville, diocèse de Coutances, Normandie 26 Mar 05
  Jacques Hélouis dit Vadeboncœur
married Marie-Marguerite Brousseau
Jean HÉROU and Marie ROYER 26 Mar 05
  Jean Hérou dit Bourgainville
married Jeanne Pepin
Mathurin HELLOT and Guillmet DURAND of St-Jean, diocèse de St-Malo, Bretagne 26 Mar 05
  Julien Hellot
married Marie-Joseph Deguise
Nicolas HERTEL and Jehanne NIRRIO of Bourg de Fecamp, pays de Caux 25 Mar 05
  Jacques Hertel
married Marie Marguerie
  François Hertel
married Marguerite De Thauvenet
Jean ISABEL and Marie ADAM of Reux, évèché de Lizieux 22 Mar 05
  Adrien Isabel
married Catherine Poitevin
Michel Isabel
married Marie Jobidon
François L'ADMIRAUT and Jeanne CLOS 27 Oct 06
  Marguerite L'ADMIRAUT
Jean LEBRUN and Catherine GAUTIER of Boulogne 25 Mar 05
  Noel Lebrun dit Carrier
Ann Brochu
Denis LEMAISTRE and Catherine DEHARME of Paris 26 Mar 05
  Denise Lemaistre
     married  Pierre Pérras dit Lafontaine
          married François Cahel
Jean LEROUX and Marie LEBLANC of Sénille, évèché de Poitiers 16 Mar 05
  François Leroux dit Cardinal
married Marie Renaud
Abraham LOUVET and Marie DAVID of St. Caude-le-Jeune, évèché de Rouen 22 Mar 05
  Catherine Louvet
married Guillaume Brassard
Jean MARCHETEAU and Marie-Anne unknown of Ste. Eulalie, évèché de Bordeaux 26 Mar 05
  Pierre Marcheteau dit Desnoyers
married Marie-Marguerite Pilet
Charles MARCOTTE and Jacqueline BOUCHARD of St. Léger, ville de Fécamp, de évèché Rouen 23 Mar 05
  Nicolas Marcotte
married Martine Taurey
Claude MARCOUX and Marie JUNEAU of St. Julien, de Tonnerre, en Champagne 16 Mar 05
  Pierre Marcoux
married Marthe De Rainville
Richard MARETTE and Jeanne COTTI of Flamont, évèché de Rouen, Normandie 22 Mar 05
  Jacques Marette dit Lépine
     married Marie Paget
          married Madeleine Surget
Antoine Marette
François MARGUERIE and Marthe ROMAIN of St. Vincent de Rouen 25 Mar 05
  Marie Marguerie
     married Jacques Hertel
          married Quentin Moral dit St. Quentin
François Marguerie
married Louise Cloutier
Louis MARIE and Marguerite PEIGNÉ of St. Symphorien de Tours 22 Mar 05
  Louis Marie dit Ste-Marie
married Mathurine Goard
François MARIEN and Catherine MALIER de Garde, évèché d'Angoulême. 15 Mar 05
  Louis  Marien
married Françoise Philippeaux
Jean MARTEL and Marie DUCHESNE of St. Eustache, de Paris 27 Oct 06
  Honoré MARTEL
     married Marguerite L'ADMIRAUT
          married Marie MARCHAND

Charles MAROIST and Catherine LIVRADE of St. Paul de Paris.

17 Mar 05
  Guillaume Maroist
married Catherine Laberge
The North American MESSIER Lines

David MESSIER with wife Marguerite BAR, and David's brother Jacques, of St. Denis-le-petit-bourg, évèché de Rouen, in Normandie, contibuted to the gene pool in New France with David's son Michel and David's brother Jacques.

15 Mar 05
  Michel MESSIER
married Anne LEMOINE
and an unknown woman

Gaspard MOREAU and Marie GABAR of Vernon, archeveche de Tours

26 Apr 05
  Martin Moreau
married Jeanne Lecocq
    Margurite Moreau
married Jean Pépin
Mathurin MOREAU and Marie GIRARD 22 Oct  06
  Louis Moreau
married Marie-Catherine Bonhomme
  Michel Moreau
     married Marie-Madeleine Belleau
          married Marie-Madeleine de La Rue
The North American Pépin lines

To make tracing my Pépin lines easier -- if one might use the word easier in the same sentence as Pépin genealogy-- I traced all three Pépin lines.  This is no doubt why the Monster Data Base is so huge.  Now, some might think this waste of time, but I'm willing to bet that those who do haven't done much French genealogy.

I am also of the opinion that some where, back in the Old World, Guillaume, André, and Robert have a common ancestor.  Perhaps one of you cousins could work on that and let me know. . . ?

married Jeanne MÉCHIN 

These lines have 1 after every one's name.

26 Mar 05

  Jeanne Pepin
married Jean Hérou dit Bourgainville

Though Tanguay says that Guillaume and Etienne De Lafond are brothers, descendants of Etienne's say no.  Guillaume's origins are still unknown.

André PÉPIN and Jeanne De BOURVILLE de la ville du Hàvre 

André's line has a 2 after every one's name.

15 Mar 05

  Antoine Pépin dit Lachance
married Marie Testu
Jean PÉPIN and Jeanne DUMONT of the Grisy Parish, Diocèse of Sees, Caen, Normandie 

Robert's lines have no number.

13 May 05

  Robert Pépin
married Marie Crête
    Jean Pépin
Margurite Moreau
    Robert Pepin
     married Elisabeth Royer
          married Marie-Anne Delasse
Philippe PINET and Catherine HÉBERT of St-Jean-Port-Royal, Acadie 22 Mar 05
  Jean Pinet
married Marie Morin
Jean QUELUÉ and Marie CAMUS of St Gilles, ville d'Evreux 26 Mar 05
  Jeanne Quelué
married Jean-Baptiste Brossard
Guillaume REGNAULT and Suzanne DE LA HAYE of St. Jovin, Rouen 26 Mar 05
  Guillaume Renaud
married  Marie De la Mare
Julien ROCHERON and Martine LEMOINE of St. Côme-le-Vert, évèché du Mans  15 Mar 05
  Simon Rocheron
married Mathurine Bisson
Gervais Rocheron
married Marie-Madeleine Guyon
Marie-Madeleine Rocheron
married François Gaulin
Jean ROYER and Marie PAÏSE of Mans 13 May 05
  Jean Royer
     married Madeleine Du Bois
          married Marie Targer
    Elisabeth Royer
     married Pierre Blais
          married Robert Pepin
  Noel Royer
married Marie Dumontmeny
  Pierre Royer died suddenly in  1677
Pierre SAULNIER and Jeanne CHEVILLARD of St. Christophe, évèché de Paris 24 Mar 05
  Nicole Saulnier
married Jean Brochu
Jean-Georges SHMID and Anne CHAUPINE of de Cobécroux, pricipauté de Touriac, Allemagne 23 Mar 05
  Lucas-Ouf Shmid
married Marie-Elizabeth Deguire
Adrien ST-AUBIN and Jacques PRESAR of St. Rémi, de Dieppe, évèché de Rouen, en Normandie 26 Mar 05
  Adrien St-Aubin
married Jeanne-Marguerite Bloys
Daniel TARGER and Louise MARTIN of LaRochelle, Aunis 23 Mar 05
  Marie Targer
     married Jean Royer
          married Robert Tourneroche
Nicolas TAUREY and Marie MARGOT of N.-D. du Chemin, d'Orléans 23 Mar 05
  Martine Taurey
married Nicolas Marcotte
unknown TESSIER and Jeanne MEINE of Château-des-Aniou, évèché d'Angers 22 Mar 05
  Urbain Tessier
married Marie Archambault
Jean TESTU and Louise TALONNEAU of La Rochelle  15 Mar 05
  Marie Testu
married Antoine Pépin dit Lachance
Jean TUILLIER and Gilette LOUIER 23 Mar 05
  Jacques Tuillier
married Jeanne Bernard
VARIN, of either St. Pierre du Grand Cavilly de Rouen =OR= Limbœuf, Normandie 15 Mar 05
This is, I believe, one of those Tanguay errors.  Marie-Catherine has two sets of parents.  Which is the right one?  I don't know.  Until I find out, both sets of parents will be listed here.  If you know drop me some email.
Robert VARIN and Marie L'APÔTRE of de St. Pierre du Grand Cavilly de Rouen
Jean VARIN and Jeanne BOUCHÉ, of Limbœuf, Normandie
  Marie-Catherine VARIN
     married 1st:  Pierre TESSIER
          married 2nd:  René BRANCHE
               married 3rd:  Pierre COUROIS
                    married 4th:  Anicet BOYER dit JOLICOUR
Barthélemi VERREAU and Claudine ROCHER, of St. Jean de Dijon, en Bourgogne, évèché de Langres 15 Mar 05
  Barthélemi Verreau
Marthe Quitel
  Marguerite Verreau
married Jacques Boutillet
The VOYER family of Mans, au Maine (this Maine is in France) 15 Mar 05
  Pierre Voyer
married Catherine Crampon

Catherine is the widow of Louis Pépin, son of Jean Pépin and Jeanne Dumont, and brother of Robert.  At this point unknown if Catherine had children with Louis.

Jean WILLIS and Elisabeth FOXGILL of Oxford, Angleterre 23 Mar 05
  Jean Willis
     married Louise-Catherine-Thérèse L'Arche
          married Geneviève Papillon
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