The 5th Annual Queen City Mud Run

The article and picture below appeared in the Monday, April 2nd, 1951, Seattle Post Intelligencer, in the 2nd Section (wherein they put Latest Sports News, Classified, Comics), under the headline "MUD BATHS APLENTY FOR CYCLISTS".  I would love to give the writer of this article credit, but could find no byline on the clipping from Daddy's racing scrapbook.

I thought it might be nice to type out the text of the article so that folks like myself, who can't afford the latest in computer toys, can read it.

Peppy pushing out of a mud hole.

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Mon Apr 2 1951

Mud Baths
For Cyclists

STALLED Two unidentified men help Pvt. Jack Peppin of Fort Lewis free his steaming motorcycle from mudhole in which it stalled in course of 5th Annual Queen City Mud Run here Sunday afternoon.  Race consisted of 20 laps around quarter-mile-long, water-filled track.  The track became muddy as cycles drove over it.

=P.I. Photos by Stuart Hertz=

I think it's a neat article, even though the fellow who wrote it spelled the family name wrong, but then that's been happening for generations now.  Daddy -- Pvt. Jack Peppin -- is the one covered with mud.  Anyone know who I could talk to about contacting Stuart and/or tracking down a copy of the photo?  All I have is the newspaper clipping.

The track at which the Mud Run was held was located at 1st Avenue N.E. and E. 190th; "E. 190th" became "N.E. 190th" circa 1961, and was the north soccer field at Shoreline Senior High School, in what is now Shoreline, Washington (I know these things because I graduated from Shoreline Senior High School in 1976).

Thirty riders started in the 5th Annual Queen City Mud Run.  The winners were:

  • 1st place -- Red Farrell, riding a BSA Gold Star

  • 2nd place -- Fred Pazaski, riding a Harley Davidson "45"

  • 3rd place -- Otto Drager, also on a Harley Davidson "45"

According to a companion article, "Mud race consists of 20 laps around a quarter-mile, water-filled track.  After the first few motorcycles have driven over it, there is mud aplenty." 

For more information on Vintage Motorcycles and Motorcycle Racing, past and present, see what Onions has going on over at the Onionwerks.

Keep the rubber side down.

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