North End Taxi Reunion

Labor Day
September 6, 1993

It was one of those things that got talked into being, and was held at the home of Nate and his lovely wife Karin, somewhere north of Seattle.

Oh, yeah.  Click on the little pictures to see bigger pictures.  Use your browser's BACK button to return here (but you prolly already knew that)..

   Blair, Mike, and Chaz.
   Breezy and Mike on Breezy's bike
   Chaz, Mike, and Nate
   Karin, Chaz, and Blair
   Mike, Breezy, and Blair
   Mike and Chaz
   Nate, Chaz, and Mike
   Nate, Mike, and Chaz
   Chaz, Mike, Nate, and Blair
   Nate, Breezy, Chaz, Blair, and Lisa

This is as it came back from the developer.
Chaz and Mike
This has been run through a couple filters in my graphics program.
The above images were developed 12 years ago --okay, almost 12 years ago.  The one below was developed this morning and is a good example of why one should store negatives with care...

Chaz, Lisa Nate, Blair, and Breezy.

(Any of you guys have the original of this one?)

"No song, no dance.  This is as good as it gets."

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