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Some years ago, my father's sister gave me a flat box, covered in red foil, that contained all the photos Daddy's side of the family had.  On this and the following pages, I present to you pictures that  are positively identified and  those that are not.  For the latter, if you recognize anyone in them, please let me know.

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Emma Sarah Houston & her 1st husband Seymour Peppan aka Simeon Peppin aka Simon Magice.

In the back ground, are Emma's brothers, Fred & Bill.

circa 1879

 464 - Snoqualmie Falls, Wash. 268 ft. High

by J.A. Juleen 19©25

1 Nov 1899

Standing, from left to right: James, Fred, Alica, Miles Schaffer.  ?, ?, Alfred John Stuckey.  Seated, newlyweds, Mable Louise Schaffer & William John Stuckey

Emma and Simon's youngest child & son, Donald Louis Peppan marries divorcée Catherine Marie Chester née Stuckey 3 April 1925 Mable & Bill's eldest child & daughter, Catherine Marie Stuckey's 2nd marriage is to Donald Louis Peppan.  Her 1st marriage was to Lawrence Chester
The pictures on these four pages show the Peppan, Houston, Stuckey, Schaeffer, and Chester families.
Catherine Marie Stuckey & her 1st husband, Lawrence Chester. Lawrence Chester & sibling (Anna?) Pat's paternal aunt Anna Chester & Anna's husband
Seymour & Emma's house at 312 W 54th in Ballard, Washington

Note: not only is the house still standing, it's occupied.

Catherine Marie Stuckey, 1924, after divorce from Lawrence Chester & before marriage to Don L. Peppan Bill Peppan & niece Pat  (aka Laurel may Chester, daughter of Catherine Stuckey & Lawrence Chester) Bill Peppan Bill Peppan & friend on motorcycle, while  Pat looks on.
Don Peppan & Kit Chester née Stuckey
Kit & Pat Pat aka Laurel May Chester

Says the back of the photo (right):

"Myself taken at Swan Lake"

Pat Pat & Alma at Dockton, Washington
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