A Scottish branch of
the HOUSTON family tree

Robert Houston was born in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, about 50 miles/80 kilometers west of Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1950.  He, wife Rhonda, and son Rhyan, now live in Victoria, British Columbia.

Robert's parents are:

Thomas Houston

born 23 June 1923, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
son of Robert Houston and Isabel McGuigen, married 28 October 1920
married 14 Jan 1949, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
died 14 May 1993 Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Theresa Johannah Reilly

born 17 December 1928, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
daughter of Bernard James Reilly, of Colchester, England, and Margaret (Maggi) Neilson, of Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Robert and I found each other through postings out in cyber space, and we soon discovered that we shared a common family story: that of being related in some fashion to THE Sam Houston.  Since then, we've been keeping in touch, but neither of us has had a lot of luck getting back to find just where that link to Sam is.

Robert's Houston family was sent to the North of Ireland by King James I in the 1600s, but returned to Scotland in the 1700s.

Sam Houston's family was sent/went to the North of Ireland by King James I in the 1700s, but they came to the New World in 1730.

In one message, Robert sent me the following tidbit of Houston history:

"...found out real name as it was in 400 BC, Houston is a sept clan of the Clan Donald of Slest, and was UIST. We have Baroncy and our own coat of arms. I'll pass some more info as I get it."

And via snail mail, he sent me a short piece of early Houston history, from History of the Clan Donald: The Families of MacDonald, McDonald and McDonnell by Henry Lee, New York, R.L. Polk and Company, NC (Copyright 1920).  In the same envelope, he also sent a list of men with the last name of HOUSTON who died in Vietnam.  Click here to see both.

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updated 16 March 2001