The Family Lines
Catherine Marie "Kit" Stuckey

Kit Stuckey, taken 1924When the picture on the left was taken, 24 year old Catherine Marie Stuckey had married, had a child, and divorced her child's father.  The child was Laurel May "Pat" Chester; the ex-husband was Lawrence Chester.

According to her younger sisters, Pink and Merle, she wasn't particularly fond of the name "Catherine" so she went by either "Marie"  or "Kit", as the latter was the only variation of "Catherine" that she could stand.  In later life, she went almost exclusively by Marie; it is how she is listed on her death certificate -- though her sisters, years later, still refer to her as Kit.

Kit was born April 4, 1900, in Tacoma, Washington, to William John Stuckey and wife Mable Louise Schaffer, Kit was the eldest of their 8 children.

To the right we have William John Stuckey and Mable Louise Schaffer, and an assortment of their family members.  I believe it was taken in Tacoma Washington on November 1, 1899, when William and Mable married.  Mable Louise Schaffer, is the seated woman, and William John Stuckey, is the guy sitting next to her.

When I created this page, all I had was information from my grandmother Kit's siblings.  According to them, the people in the picture on the right were, from left to right, James, Fred, Alice, Mable, and Miles.  This identification changed in the early evening of April 17, 2006, when I got an email from cousin Susan Williams.  In her email were listings from the 1880 Federal Census. 

According to that 1880 Census, a more accurate identification of this photo would be, from left to right:

Miles Schaffer

Born circa 1885, possibly at Fort Randall, [South] Dakota, maybe Nebraska. 

In this picture, it kinda looks like there are at LEAST a half a dozen other things he'd rather be doing than posing for this picture (like maybe NOT wearing those knee britches).

Died 1904 in Washington State at the age of 19.  He and a buddy were out hunting, and while climbing over a fence, the buddy's rifle accidentally discharged, killing Miles instantly.

James Schaffer  (Nice hat, James.)  F

Born circa 1874, in Iowa

Don't know what ever became of him.

Alicia Schaffer

Born circa 1876, in Iowa.
Married Bob Miller, a relative of her mother's, in 1899 and had 1 daughter and 3 sons.

I don't know when or where she died.

Mable Louise Schaffer  F

Born 17 May 1883, at Fort Randall, Dakota Territory (says the great aunts.  The 1910 Federal Census says North Dakota).  Or perhaps Iowa.

Married William John Stuckey born January 1, 1877.  They had four daughters, and four sons.

Died June 13, 1953, Seattle, Washington

Frederick Schaffer    

Born circa 1878, in Iowa
Died 1902 in Washington State.


William John Stuckey  F

Born January 2, 1877, in Bristol, England, son of Alfred John Stuckey and Catherine Bartlett.  (Little brother Freddie says it was 1887, but that would have made Bill 8 years old in 1895, and 12 years old in this picture.)

Official records say he was in the US Navy during the Spanish American War and served aboard the USS Oregon when she made her record run around the Horn in 1895 to participate in the battle of Santiago (and if you click here, you can read about that run . . . but do come back), and later took part in the liberation of Manila.

William arrived in Dockton, Washington, in 1899

He died 27 December 1956, in Seattle, Washington.

Alfred John Stuckey

Born 1 November 1852, in Clevedon, Somerset, England, which just borders Bristol.  He is the son of son of Edward Stuckey and Mary Newton.  Family stories say when Mary died, Edward married her sister Elizabeth, who raised Alf and his brothers.

The mother of Alf's eldest son, Bill, is Catherine Bartlett --born 1852 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England/died 1June 1887 in Bedminster, England.  In 1881, Catherine and Alf were living in the same boarding house at 2 Deep Street as single --as in un-married-- adults.  They did, however, marry in December 1882.

Then, in Tacoma Washington, on 27 August 1891, he married Euphemia Barcley, born 13 December 1874 in Ontario Canada.  I don't know when or where she died.

Alf died 9 February 1939, in Dockton, Washington, which is on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound, not far from Seattle's water front.

Then there's these two.  F
Who are these guys?

Are they Schaffers . . .  Millers . . . Stuckeys . . .?

Looking at them, though, they do bear a striking resemblance to both Bill and Alf Stuckey . . . so who are they?  They could be two more of Alf's sons, they could be Alf'syounger brothers . . . nephews

If you recognize them, drop me some e-mail.

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