Toots' Kids

Oldest to youngest, the children of Shirley Rose "Toots" Peppan are: Toots, 1959
Diane Marie Peppan

Diane circa 1946

She and husband Tom live in Port Orchard, Washington. They have three children, Kathy, LaDonna, and James (right).  Both girls each have two sons.  Diane has promised pictures of everyone, and I'll be putting them up as they come in.  The picture, above left, was taken when Diane was about 4 years old. Jim, 1991, as a high school senior

When Bridgie was about 12, she and a friend went for a ride with "this boy" who had a really nice car.  Problem was, the car was stolen.  Another problem was that they got pulled over and all parties in the vehicle were arrested.

Now, this isn't as bad as it sounds.

The arresting officer -- a Snohomish County sheriff -- knew who Bridgie was, called Grandpa Don.  (Grampa Don and Gramma Kit raised Bridgie).  The details are a little hazy -- something about letting them sit there for a while wasn't going to hurt'em any -- but Bridgie and her friend were put in a cell all by themselves.  After what I know was an eternity for them, Grandpa showed up, handed both girls a banana, tossed a handful of peanuts through the bars and left . . .

. . . to go chat with his buddy the sheriff, to let the reality of what had happened sink in.

Bridgie and her friend hadn't really been arrested, but the sheriff and Grampa figured that them thinking they had might be instructional, and let them stew for about a half hour before taking them home.

Toots and 1st husband Bob Sellers

Sherry Rufert 1997Then there's Sherry Fratta, RN and Nurse Manager of Obstetrics.

Like her son, Desert Storm Vet, Kevin, Sherry lives in Stockton, California.  Her other son, Chris, and wife Debbie, live in North Carolina, where Chris is a fireman.

Says Sherry of this picture, snapped -- *>SURPRISE<*-- by a co-worker at the Dameron Hospital in Stockton, California: "This picture isn't very good - hope to have some better ones soon".  She also says she's working on getting me pictures of Kevin, Chris, and Debbie.

Sherry is co-manager of Dameron's Maternal Child Department in the Alex and Faye Spanos Start of Life Center.  She graduated from Stagg High School, received her Associate Degree in Nursing from Delta College, and has a Doctorate of Public Health Administration.

After high school, she worked as a Nurse's Aide at Dameron and after college returned as an obstetrics staff nurse.  She is certified as an instructor in Infant Massage and CPR and as an Inpatient Obstetrical Nurse.  She belongs to the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, Beta Sigma Phi, an international women's service organization, and has had a life long commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints where she is actively involved as a youth leader and is a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts.

Robert Farr
and family lived in what they now call the city of Shoreline, north of Seattle area.

Bob at around age 19.

 And Bob when he was a little bit older.

Passed away 8 April 2008.  We'll miss you, Bob.

Art Arneson, Toots' second husband. 

Sales & Service"
in Tacoma


Notation on original written in white ink by Don L. Peppan, Shirley's father.

Marc Arneson died in September of 1992 in Los Angeles, California, of a heart attack.

Mark, Nicole, and Patty

Mark Arnesen, Loveland, Colorado.  1980

Loveland, Colorado.  1980

 He is survived by three children: Jason, Nicole, and Marcus.

Barbara Susan Arnesen Caillier
Sue and husband Dave, June 19, 1999


She and husband Dave live in a custom built home in Pierce County, Washington.  She has one son, Frank, from a previous marriage.

Said Sue in the letter that accompanied the two photos that appear above and below:
Newly weds, Frankand Rogina, June 1999

Both of these pictures were taken at Frank and Rogina's wedding on June 19th, 1999.

Dave and I are as happy as we look.

Frank and Rogina are happy and hoping to start a family soon.

Frank is store manager in Olympia Washington and Rogina is an Administrator at Pearl Counseling.

On October 4, 2004, Rogina gave birth to their second child.
Congratulations Frank and Rogina.

Toots and 3rd husband Ralph

Patricia Caillier and family live in Tacoma, Washington.

This picture was taken in August of 1964. Kathy, Donnie, Susan, Lisa, and Patti 1964 It was Bridgie's eldest daughter's birthday, and from left to right we have Kathy (the birthday girl), Don, Sue, Lisa, and Patti.

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