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November 2001 -- Vol 2, No. 11

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  • What's New: Family surnames
  • This month's Feature:  Marie-Thérèse PEPIN and her two husbands, Jacques THOMAS and Quentin ADAM
  • John MCCLURE's wife's lines FINN, GARDENIER, and VAN BREMEN
  • Ramblings from the Editor
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It's been almost one whole year now.


And the data base.  Oh my goodness.

Coming up on 13,000 individuals.  The surname list of descendants for Jean Pepin and Jeanne Dumont -- the parents of our esteemed ancestor Robert Pépin -- looks a lot like this:

Adam, Alaire, Alard, Algeo, André, Arneson, Auger, Badayac-Laplante, Balan, Barnèche, Beau, Bedard, Belisle, Bell, Belleau, Bergevin, Bernier, Bidon, Bilodeau, Bissonet, Bissonnet, Blanchet, Blomquist, Boetard, Boileau, Bonenfant, Bonhomme, Boulet, Boutin, Braconnier, Bragg, Brideault, Brisard, Brousseau, Brown, Brunea, Brunet, Buisson, Béliveau, Caillier, Campion, Caron, Caturia/Couturier, Champagne, Cherrier, Chester, Cire, Clouet, Cloutier, Clément, Colard, Collins, Comerford, Corriveau, Cosset, Cotenoir, Cottenoir, Coté, Courcy, Couture, Crampon, Crete (Creste), Croistiere, Crépin, Dasylva, Dauville, Davis, DeChavigny, Deguire, Deguise, Delasse, Demers, Denis, Derome, DeSantis, Desautels, Desnoyers, Desrosiers, Dietz, Dorval, Dube, Dubois, Duchesneau, Dumont, Dunn, Dussault, , Élie-Breton, Eskierka, Fallon, Farr, Filion, Fournier, Fremot, Frenche, Frontigny, Furniss, Germain, Giguere, Gilbert, Gill, Girardier, Godfroy, Gordon, Grandmont, Gravel, Grenier, Groinier, Guilbaut, Hamel, Hamelin, Hancock, Hebert, Heiniger, Hianveu, Houston, Hubbard, Hubert, Hélie, Hély, Hévé, Impleman, Jacques, Javray, Johnson, Jolivet, Joyal, Keeney, Kish, Kwantlen, Labelle, Landry, Laroche, Laurent, Lauzon, LaVaque, LeBrun, Lebrun, Lecours, Ledel, LeDuc, Lefebvre, Legris, Legros, Lemay, Lescot, Letarte, LeTourneau, Leveillé, Levesque (LaVaque), Loisel, Longtin, Lorion, Magice, Maie, Maillot, Maillé, Marchand, Marcheteau, Martin, Mason, Massal, Maurois, May, McCarthy, McClure, McGee, Mercereau, Miller, Montagnaise, Moore, Moreau, Morrisette, Muscat, Métot, Nee,  Neuman, Noel, Palmier, Parant, Parker, Patoile, Patraw, Paul, Pearl, Pelletier, Pepin, Peppan, Plante, Plouf, Prejean, Prudhomme, Quemleur, Quéret, Raté, Remillard, Renault, Richard, Robert, Robinson, Roche, Rodrigue, Roufiat, Rouleau, Rouse, Roy, Royer, Rufert, Ruffin, Rémillard, Salois, Samson, Saucier, Savard, Schaefer, Sellers, Semivan, Sheehy, Slade, Sorensen, Stuckey, Sweeney(Sevigny??, Choiniere??), Séglasse, Tanguay, Tassé, Tessier, Thibault, Thibaut, Thomas, Thompson, Thrall, Tibaut, Truran, Vachon, Vaillancourt, Valin, Vandermey, Vassor, Veilleux, Verret, Vox, Vésina, Wenum, Wolf, Woodrich, and Zoyarra.


THIS MONTH'S FEATURE: Marie-Thérèse PEPIN and her husbands, Jacques THOMAS and Quentin ADAM.

Remember, before taking this info as gospel, do check it out in the Red and Blue Drouin, as well as the René Jetté, most especially the info on the older families.  And if anyone has the titles of other good reference works, please feel free to pass them along.

Last month we looked at Marie-Jeanne (2Jean, 1 Robert), and her husband Louis-Joseph ROY.

This month we look at Marie-Jeanne's younger sister Marie-Thérèse (2Jean,1Robert), and her two husbands Jacques THOMAS and Quentin ADAM.

Marie-Thérèse PEPIN (2Jean, 1Robert) was born 3 Feb 1709 in St. Joseph; baptised 4 Feb 1709 in Charlesbourg, Québec.

Her first husband is Jacques THOMAS, son of Claude THOMAS and Marie-Anne VILLENEUVE, was baptised 17 Feb 1713; buried 16 Dec 1743.

Marie-Thérèse PEPIN and Jacques THOMAS married 4 Oct 1734, in Charlesbourg and their 5 children are:

1.  Marie-Thérèse THOMAS, baptised 19 Aug 1735; married Louis BRIDEAULT 5 July 1756 in Charlesbourg; 4 kids.

--Extra info on Louis BRIDEAULT

...Son of Jean-Hilaire BRIDEAULT and Marie-Joseph PAQUET

...Grandson of Marie CRETE, widow of Robert Pepin, with her second husband Jean BRIDAULT

...First cousin once removed to his wife Marie-Thérèse Thomas, with their common ancestor being Marie Crete.

2.  Marie-Charlotte THOMAS, baptised 23 Oct 1736;married Barthélemi BERNIER 15 Jan 1759; 3 kids.

--Extra info on Barthélemi BERNIER

... baptised 1733

...son of André BERNIER and Marie-Françoise BERNARD

3.  Jacques THOMAS, baptised 22 June 1738

4.  Jean-Baptiste THOMAS, baptised 22 Feb 1740; buried 16 June 1741

5.  Louis THOMAS, baptised 13 Oct 1742, in Québec

If you see something that doesn't quite agree with your personal family history, e-mail me and tell me about it.



Actually, the title should be Jeanne Finn, as we'll be looking at her family lines this month.  The follwoing info comes from a Family Group Record from FamilySearch(tm) Ancestral File v4.19.  The "(AFN:xxxx-xxx)" are individual ID numbers from FamilySearch (I'm guessing).


born: about 1670, Waterford, Ireland
married: 13 Aug 1699, Albany, New York

...Alida Janse GARDENIER (AFN: 1WGV-LS0)
born: 1674, Albany, A, New York
married: 13 Aug 1699, Albany, New York
mother: Sarah Janse VAN BREMEN (AFN:R1KD-B0)

...Jeanne Finn (AFN:T82K-HJ)
born: 1701, Albany, A, New York
died: 15 Sept 1774, Québec, Québec county, Québec
buried: 15 Sept 1774, Québec, Québec county, Québec


born: 1648, Albany, Albany, New York
died: 1695, New York
married: 1669, Albany, Albany, New York
father: Jacobus Janse GARDENIER (AFN:GCP4-HJ)
mother: Josiina (AFN:GCP4-JP)

...Sarah Janse VAN BREMEN (AFN:R1KD-B0)
born: 1650, Alabany, Albany, New York
married: 1669, Alabany, Albany, New York
father: Jost Jan Dirkse VAN BREMEN (AFN:1WGV-LS0)


...Jacobus Janse GARDENIER (AFN:GCP4-HJ)
born: 1616, "Of Kampen, Overijssel, Netherlands
died: 1688, New York
married: 1646, New Albany, Albany, New York
father: Jans GARDENIER (AFN:166M-SXL)

...Josiina (AFN:GCP4-JP)
born:  Of New Albany, Albany, New York
died: 28 Jan 1669, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York
married: 1846, New Albany, Albany, New York


1.  Jan GARDENIER (AFN:QBJL-G0), male; born 1648, Albany, Albany, New York; died 1695, New York

2.  Aeltie GARDENIER (AFN:QBJL-H5), female; born 1650, New Albany, Albany, New York

3.  Albert GARDENIER (AFN:QBJL-JB), male; born 1656, Albany, Albany, New York

4.  Andries GARDENIER (AFN: QBJL-KH), male; born1658; died 1717, Kinderhook, Albany, New York

5.  Hendrick GARDENIER (AFN:QBJL-LN), male; born 1660, Albany, Albany, New York; died 1695, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

6.  Lysbet GARDENIER (AFN:GCP3-25), female; born 1661 Of Wiltwick, Ulster, New York; died 1749

7.  Elizabeth GARDENIER (AFN:194L-BWT), female; born 11 Feb 1662, Albany, Albany, New York; died 3 April 1749

8.  Jacomyntie GARDENIER (AFN:R1KD-K6) female; born about 1664, Albany, Albany, New York

9.  Josina GARDENIER (AFN:QBJL-MT) female; born 1664, Albany, Albany, New York

10. Samuel GARDENIER (AFN:QBJL-N1) male; born 1664; died 1740, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

11. Samuel Jacobse GARDENIER (AFN:R1KD-LC) male; born about 1666, Albany, Albany, New York

12. unknown GARDENIER (AFN:194L-BX2) male; born Albany, New York; died 29 June 1666.



It been almost one full year since I started this newsletter.  Naive child that I was, I figured by this time I'd have pretty well covered the collateral Pepin lines.  HAH!

Part of the reason behind all of this was to find relatives of note -- like people who have made significant contributions to Canada and Canadian history.  Thus far I've discovered the ancestor of Father Blanchet, one of the first two Roman Catholic priests to come to the Oregon Territory in the early part of the 1800s, plus the ancestors of a number of politcal figures.  I've found sculptures, stone cutters, and master slaters, bakers, Lords of the Manor, and the guys that helped keep those Lords of the Manors fed.  I've seen families who welcomed 14 children into this world only to loose them all before the age of 4, large families that saw all but one child marry, and the families whose children answered a higher calling and embraced a monastic life.  Though it's too soon to tell, as I enter in the members of the Tanguay family, I'm actively looking for Father Cyprien Tanguay, whose work has contributed so much to this project.  Same goes for the Jetté and Drouin families.

Then there are the given names that made me raise an eyebrow and wonder what the story was behind the giving of *that* particular name, such as the short-lived Cantin BERNIER, first child of Marie-Thérèse THOMAS and husband Berthélemi BERNIER.

But as far as a contribution to Canada and Canadian history goes, my first best guess is that our shared Pepin lines have contributed significantly to the Canadian population base.  Other indicators are good for contributions to the population of the east coast, midwest, and west coast.  There's a fellow named Clérmont Pépin, born in the early part of the 1900s (1920-something) who is a well-know Canadian composer, who is a direct descendant of Robert and Marie.  I haven't identified his specific line yet, but I know I've got part of it recorded already.

And as I was working on this month's newsletter, the television was entertaining itself with the movie "Young Guns", the flick about Billy the Kid with Emelio Estevez.  I've seen it before (and bought a copy because I really liked it), so I went back to my writing, only to be jarred out by Emelio's voice shouting, "HEY . . . PEPIN!"  it was then I remembered that, in this particular movie, Billy and company come up against a sheriff named Pepin.  I'd have to run through that segment of the movie again to be sure, but I believe it was in Missouri (or maybe Kansas).

You don't suppose that Pepin sheriff is one of ours, do you?



If you have family you want to share this with but they don't have a computer, please feel free to print it out and share it with them.  If you have family with a computer who you think might be interested in the newsletter, drop'em an e-mail and let'em know about it; feel free to pass along my e-mail address.

If at anytime you wish to be change the way you receive the newsletter, drop me an e-mail at and tell me.


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