Etienne-Pascal Pepin
Luce Hebert

In researching my great great grandfather, I came across Etienne Pascal PEPIN and thought I had found my man, but after more research, I discovered he is my great great grandfather's first cousin.

Etienne-Pascal's dad is Louis Pepin; Louis is the son of Etienne PEPIN and wife Jeanne MACLURE.

Louis PEPIN's first wife was Marie-Catherine Germain.  They married on 22 Oct 1792, in Yamaska county, Québec.

Louis's second wife was Agathe ROCHE dit LaLancette, daughter of Jacques Rauques and Agathe Giguere.  They married 25 Oct 1802, in Yamaska county.

What is uncertain, at this point, is if the following 8 children are all Louis and Agathe's, or if some are Catherine's and some are Agathe's.

Children of
and Catherine and/or Agathe

There were 8 of them:

  • Etienne-Pascal, born/baptised 31 March 1804

  • Jean-Jacques, born/baptised March 1806

  • Basile, born/baptised 7 March 1807

  • Julie, born/baptised 23 February 1808

  • Joseph, born/baptised 31 March 1809

  • Simon, born/baptised 28 April 1810

  • Benoni, born/baptised 31 August 1811

  • Anne, born/baptised unknown, but family stories say she was the youngest.

Etienne-Pascal Pepin and Luce Hebert

On August 27th, 1821, Etienne-Pascal PEPIN married Luce HEBERT, at St-Michel, Yamaska, Quebec, and they had the following children:

  • Etienne, born/baptised August 8, 1823

  • Valier, born/baptised June 26, 1824

  • Julie-Eleanore, born/baptised March 23, 1827

  • Louis Victor Eusebe, born/baptised December 15, 1828

  • Hermine Eloyae Edesse, born/baptised October 12, 1830

  • Pierre Cleophas, born/baptised July 13, 1835

  • Alexandra, born/baptised May 7, 1837

  • Amede, born/baptised March 25, 1844; died 1933, St Paul, Minnesota

I ran into Jackie LaVaque through GenForum and she descends from Amede PEPIN.  If you'd like to talk to Jackie, drop her some email.


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updated 15 March 2001