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Pepin and its assorted spellings

The following queries came to me through email from an assortment of places, including but not limited to, the METIS mailing list, the QUEBEC mailing list, the INTERNATIONAL BLACKSHEEP SOCIETY of GENEALOGISTS mailing list, MISSING LINKS newsletter, and the MY GENFORUM website.  Some are as I received them, others are a combination of more than one email, condensed to (hopefully) best present the information the individual has.

Some of the following individuals have turned out to be my cousins, but the rest, well, maybe they're yours.  I've made each person's email address a clickable email link -- with their permission -- so if they look like kin to you, drop'em email.

If you have some pesky Pepins, tell me about'em.

If you descend from Guillaume Pepin, and/or have some Lafond ancestors, you'll want to check out The Association des familles Pepin Inc's Pepin Association web site.  Their e-mail address is pepin.familles@videotron.ca

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Cadotte ~Cantrell ~Chance ~Delcourt ~Desrosiera ~Dumont ~Finn ~Fossett ~Kowalski ~Lachance ~McClure ~McReynolds ~Martin Dit Jolie ~Meyers ~Olison ~Papin ~Pappa ~Pappin ~Pepan ~Pepin dit Tranchemontagne ~Pepin dit Lachance ~Peppan ~Peppin ~Pippen ~Pippett ~Ranny/ Rainey ~Salway


Alfred, Ontario  ~Beaumont, Texas ~Charlesbourg, Québec ~Chautauqua, New York ~Dade county, Missouri ~France ~Jennings, Louisiana ~Joplin, Missouri ~Kansas ~Longuil, Ontario ~L'assoption, Québec ~Marmoea, Hastings County, Ontario ~Minnesota ~New Mexico ~Québec City  ~Red River Settlement ~St Barthelemy, Québec ~St. Luc, Québec ~Sonoma county, California ~Texas ~Trois Rivières ~Trois Rivières, Québec ~Welsh, Louisiana  ~Wolfe Island, Ontario ~Xaintes, France ~Yamaska, Québec


From Ray Pappa <Rpappa1@aol.com>
Date: 9 January 2003
Subject: Medor or Medard Pappin

I got your address from a contact on Pappa lines and I am interested in all ways to get info on my family.  I have worked on this line for 20 yrs. and have a lot but need more.  My line goes from:

  • Frank Pappa b 1859 in Alfred, Ontario. 

  • Medor Pappin b 1834 in Longuil, Ontario, Canada

  • Medor Pappin b 1796 L`Assomption, Quebec  

I can`t  get any farther back and have worked on this for 20 yrs.  If you can help please do. 

Thanks Ray

From: Victor Pippett <vpippett@eisa.net.au>
Date: Sun, 4 March 2001
Subject: Pippett and Pepan

I would be interested if you have any evidence that the name Pippett was derived from Pepan

Victor D. Pippet


From: Lori <beneteau@wwdc.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000
Subject: Pepin

I have been trying to find out any information on an Ester Pepin born ? probably in Que , married Pierre Cadotte (b 1777) in St. Luc, Quebec, on January 21, 1822.  They lived on Wolfe Island, Ontario (in the St. Lawrence River.  They had 6 children (my husband is descended from their son Joseph Cadotte) and after Pierre died, Ester remarried John Salway of Wolfe Island. Thanks for you help!

Lori Bénéteau

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From:  "Baysinger" <baysingr@gci.net>
Date:  Thu, 12 Oct 2000
Subject:  Pepins

I'm searching for Stephen Pepin, b 1863 in (Shotogay, Chautauqua, Schoughticoke?), New York.  Married Alice Lucinda Cantrell, b Dade co, Missouri.  They settled in New Mexico and he died about 1898 to 1904.  Thanks, I am really stuck with Stephen, who was my great grandfather.  I can't seem to link him to any other Pepin.

Sharon Pepin Baysinger

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From:  Glo
Date:  Wed, 1 Mar 2000
Subject:  pepins

Hello Lisa!  I found your site interesting.  I too am a direct descendant of Pepins.  My maternal grandmother was a Pepin.  I didn't realize there were so many different spellings.  I've gotten to the earliest Pepin so far Jean (Baptiste?) Pepin circa 1630's married to a Jeanne Dumont - from France.  From Jean it goes to son Robert Pepin, to Jean Pepin again, to Louis and finally to a Louis Etienne Pepin, born 6/27/1737 Yamaska, Quebec.  He married a Jeanne McClure on 5/25/1761.  I'm stuck on the McClure family.  Have Jeanne's parents - John McClure and Jane Finn.  I'm stuck here.  Have you come across these names?  Also if you need more Pepin info, it's yours just ask.  Hope to hear from you soon.



From:  gusdog <gusdog@erols.com>
Date:  Sat, 21 Aug 1999
Subject:  Etienne Pepin

  Not sure where the link might be but right now the trail seems to lead back to Yamaska, Quebec.

  My wife does most all the genealogy work and research I just supply the family name.  We just got back from a small family reunion in Minnesota and while we were there we obtained some additional information to possibly add to our family line.

  My Great-great-grandfather was Antoine Pepin, born in Canada in 1791 and migrated to Minnesota in the 1820's by way of the Red River Settlement and the Hudson Bay Company.  The new information we received has added three more generations back from him.  The information has not been verified by my wife yet so I may be jumping out of line a bit.  The only certainty is my Gr-Gr-grandfather and his history since arriving in Minnesota.

  The information we received shows my Gr-Gr-Grandfather being born in Yamaska Quebec in 1791 and list him as Antoine Franciose Pepin, son of Antoine Pepin and Charlotte Desrosiera.  Antoine is shown to have been born in 1769 in Yamaska to Louis Etienne Pepin and Jeanne McClure.  Louis Etienne is shone to have been born in 1737 in Quebec to Louis Pepin and Marie Madelin Martin Dit Jolie.  And Louis Pepin is shown to have been born in 1702 in Charlesborg, Quebec

  This is where the information stopped.

  As I stated at the beginning I am not sure if this links us up but there are a lot of similarities in your line and mine.

James Pepin

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From: JeanetMc
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999
Subject: Pepan

  Looking for Louis T. D. Papin m 1864/66 in Canada to Virginia Delcourt.
  Children born in Canada in late 1800s.
  Here's what I have:
  Louis T. D. Papin m 2 Apr 1866 or 10 Nov 1864 to Virginia Delcourt DOD 16 Mar 1909 Beaumont, TX.
  Virginia Delcourt DOD 12 Jan 1922.
  Alida Mary Papin DOB 16 Sept 1876 in Marmoea Hastings Co., Ontario, CAN.
  Mary Anna Papin DOB 20 Jan 1868 in Quebec, CAN.
  I have more but maybe that will give you some information.  Also need info on Isaiat Batice Fossett POB Quebec, CAN, DOD 1902 married Matilda Meyers.  Fossett ended up in Jennings or Welsh, LA in or around 1894.
  If this sounds like something contact me at JeanetMcThanks.


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From: CPEPIN <csp@bresnanlink.net>
Date: Wed 16 Jun 1999
Subject: Pepin

  Well, My Pepin clan comes from Quebec and I've been able to trace it back to France.  I had gotten in touch with you before about the Pepin family, but that was more than a year ago.  Way back when I was a real "green horn" at this stuff.  Not that I know a whole lot now, but I've picked up quite a bit.

Guillaume Pepin is where my roots trace back to in the Americas.

Chris Pepin

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From: JAS17@aol.com
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999
Subject: Pepin dit LaChance

I just read your "virtual bouquet" tribute in the Missing Links newsletter and I wondered if you could share your info regarding Pierre Pepin dit LaChance.  My husband's mother was a Pepin dit LaChance (called LaChance since the mid-19th century when they had to choose which).  Her family was from Quebec - a little town called St Barthelemy, and before that Quebec City and Trois Riveres.  I would imagine there is a connection, though I don't know how far back.

Thanks very much,
Barbara Schenck

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From: Leah Chance <lhchance@home.com>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999
Subject: RE: Pierre Pepin dit Lachance

I found this name in your article from "Missing Links".  I am curious if this is one persons name.  Could you please explain?
My husband was always told by his grandmother (b. 1865) that his family was French Canadian.  We are still searching for the link.  The family name is Chance so I wondered if Lachance is a surname that was shortened in the US.  Also do not know what dit means.  Thanks for any assistance you can share.

Leah Chance in Texas

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From: Wayne Clark <wsclark@mc2k.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999
Subject: Ranney/Rainey

  Have you come across the name Ranny or Rainey in any of your work with the Peppans.  Some where they are related to my mother and a lot of them live in Joplin and around the eastern part of Kansas.  I think there is a Lydia that was a cousin to my mother and she died about 4 yrs. ago and she has a girl that still lives up there if I can find out about some of them I will Let you know.


From: crodley@cris.com
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998
Subject: Search parameters and Pepin name

  I have a few Pepin's and was wondering if they match yours.
  Guillaume Pepin b 1607 Xaintes, France
  13 Children probably all born in Canada.  At Least the first, b 1646, and the last (twins), b 1662, were born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.  He is my 9GGrandpa and she is 8GGrandma.  I have a few others up till the mid 1800's.
  Let me know if we match :)

Linda Jo
Proud Donor to Rootsweb

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From: Marling McReynolds <marling@humboldt.net>
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998

  Is this Pepin also a version of Pippen?
  My father's grandmother was Georgianna Pippen from Canada (really narrows is down doesn't it) and she married first a Mr. Olison and then in 1866 greatgrandpa Stephan McReynolds in Sonoma county, Ca.
  Could we also be related here? Most of the women in my family are Short from 5'2" (me) to 4'10" (my daughter).

Marling McReynolds

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From: Aaron & Tani <tanimp@gte.net>
Date: Sun 16 Aug 1998
Subjects: Peppins

On the Peppin's I don't have a lot of information.  I have just a name of the girl, Evelyn Peppin.  She married a Edward Kowalski.  I have all kinds of information on him but none on her...I wish that I had more and that I could make some kind of connection but alas I have not been that lucky.
  Thanks for all your help and time.  I wish this was enough to go on but I know it makes it very difficult to do.

Tani Borger-Pratt
tanimp@gte.net OR tanbp@hotmail.com
and my homepage is

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While surfing the web for my own surname, I came across a photo on a website where one of the people in one of the pictures was identified as "Peppan".  I fired off an e-mail to the appropriate party, asking who the Peppan was.  The reply I got said:

It means "Uncle" in a Indian Language called Malayalam, pronounced like "pay-pen" but the ay shortened.

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