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The single short page that discussed the little bit of info that I had --at the time-- on my family tree has taken on a life of its own.  But, then again, genealogy is like that.

Thus far, the biggest surprise is that I am a member of a very large family -- the Pepins -- who have been in North America since the early 1600s.  Heady stuff considering that when I started this genealogical quest in 1970, I was working under the mistaken assumption that we were the only Peppans in the whole wide world.  I was wrong -- and glad that I was.  With breakthroughs on some of my other lines, too, I've been having a delightful time getting to know all my new cousins.  It fact, it's gotten a bit tough keeping up with everyone.  If you've written me before, do it again, give me a gentle nudge.  See, I got distracted; go down to the Arts and Entertainment section near the bottom--or click >here< to find out why.

If this is your first visit -- Welcome.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and return from time to time to check on my progress.

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What I Started With

Peppan/Pepin, Kwantlen Houston, Giordan,
Bartleman, Tsikuach, & McFarland
Stuckey & Schaeffer Other Houstons
Miller & Hildebrand Pennington & Holverson
Gooch, Teal, Hibdon General Pépin Info
Robert Pépin & Marie Crête's line Other Pépins
Historical Projects Arts & Entertainment
Donation information

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What I Started With: Events and information that led to the results on this site. 
     DADDY'S FAMILY       

Me and my two brothers, The children of Jack Louis "Peppy" Peppan and his wife Joan.

Daddy's sister Shirley Rose --aka Toots-- and her 6 kids,Toots' Children.

The parents of Peppy, Toots and their brother Bud, Don L. PEPPAN and Catherine Marie STUCKEY.

Grampa Don's parents, Simon PEPIN and Emma Sarah HOUSTON.

Grampa Don and his siblings, Simon and Emma's Children.

Great Grampa Simon's parents, HBC Blacksmith Etienne PEPIN aka Maillé aka Magice aka May and Isabelle, a Kwantlen woman.


The family of Emma Sarah Houston (aka Emma Huston aka Mrs. Simeon Peppin, Mrs. Seymour Peppin, Mrs. Frank McFarland):

Includes information on EMMA'S:

PARENTS, Scottish black smith Alfred John HOUSTON and First Nation's Woman Sophia GIORDAN



ROSALIE'S PARENTS, HBC blacksmith Peter BARTLEMAN, from Scotland, and First Nations woman Mary "Fanny" TSIKUACH

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The family of Catherine Marie "Kit" Stuckey, wife of Donald L. Peppan:

Includes information on KIT'S:

PARENTS, William STUCKEY and Mable SCHAFFER, and their families


-The Stuckey Tree
-Voyage of the USS OREGON
-The Schaffer Tree
-The Stuckey Query page

Awaiting permission to post: The Descendants of Nathaniel Newton and Joan Daniels


Houstons of Greenok Scotland.

"Maybe-cousin" Robert's family has a story similar to the one mine tells about a shirttail relationship to THE General Sam, which is why I call Robert a "maybe-cousin"; he may be a cousin.  He's not gotten far on his family research but perhaps there's enough there to make a connection.

Warriors of the Clan Donald

In the Houston information shared by Robert there was a list of men with the surname Houston who died in the Vietnam war.  Its presentation here is meant as a memorial to those Houston men who made the ultimate sacrifice, serving their country.

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The maternal lines of Mable Louise Schaffer, wife of William Stuckey: The Millers and Hildebrands:

Includes information on MABLE'S:



This Miller family has been a tough one to trace, but family stories suggest more Native American that Robert Hildebrand may or may not have contributed. 

Example:  Mable's mother, Mary Louise Schaffer née Miller, was buried on a reservation in the Dakota Territory in 1888 -- which did not happen unless one had at least one blood relative living on the reservation in question.

The Treaty of Okmulgee:  Full text of the 14 Feb 1833 Fort Gibson Oklahoma Treaty that Robert Hildebrand is said to have refused to sign. 

After reading it, I gotta say that, if the family stories are true, I can understand why he didn't sign.


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  My Mom (Hi, Mom!) Besides being a great mom and an adoptee born September 1932, she is a very talented woman.  Among her many talents she does one wicked Charleston.


George's Pennington line originated in England, and is a very old family.  The Challenge has been finding the correct John PENNINGTON and Susan OSBORN to whom he was born in 1862 Missouri (their names are listed in my baby book).  I have, thus far, found two couples with these names.

Ina's paternal line, the Holversons, came from Norway.  Her maternal line is from England, her maternal great aunt being Florence Nightengale.

George and Ina married 17 January 1883 in Bruneau Valley, Owyhee, Idaho, and had 7 children, settling at last on a berry ranch in Puyallup, Washington, USA.

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  Gooch, Teal, and Hibdon:  Occasionally, I'll run into a researcher with whom I feel a kinship, and Mike Hardester is one of those researchers.  Check out his Gooch, Teal, and Hibdon lines  
How PEPIN got to be to PEPPAN is a discussion of the assorted spellings and aliases and/or dit names associated with the surname PEPIN.

The first PEPIN familes in North America: A page that could be called "Pepin Hunting 101", that discusses, among other things, the assorted PEPIN variations, plus links to other PEPIN websites

Tanguay Says "The Tanguay" is a 7 volume compilation of baptism and burial records from the first and early churches of Québec.  They are mostly for the early settlers, but there are at least two sub-lists, one for the English and one for the local Native peoples.  Why did they do it that way . . . ?  Don't know -- yet.

  The Monster Data Base The family lines of Guillaume, Antoine, and Robert Pépin and their assorted siblings. lines with collateral family info according to Tanguay.

Pepin Crests & coat-of-arms from Mons, France, & Normandy: Graphics of crests and coats-of-arms held by Pepins in the past.

The Scrapbook:  An assortment of family faces.

PEPIN Queries:  Pepin researchers looking for connections

Red Box Pictures:  Photographs from the Peppan/Stuckey line

Funny Stuff What we think is funny.

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Someone --no doubt a Canadian French family historian-- once said, "Go back six generations and you're related to everybody."  I've been compiling a database of all the families connected to Robert Pépin and Marie Crête, whether that connection is by blood or by marriage.  I still have a ways to go, but so far, the implications are intriguing.

If you think your line ties in with Robert and Marie, but can't find the connection in what's presented in these web pages, drop me some e-mail at  If you've already dropped me email, please do it again; the 70s were WAY to good to me.

  Etienne Pepin's Hudson's Bay Company biography, written by Jamie Morton, presented here with Jamie's permission.

Etienne Pepin's 1st cousin Etienne Pascal PEPIN and his wife Luce HEBERT.   I thought Etienne-Pascal was Simon's dad for a short while.  I've since learned otherwise, but that's how I came to have the information I do about him and Luce.  Etienne-Pascal in the son of Louis Pepin and Agathe Roche dit LaLancette, and the grandson of Louis-Etienne Pepin and Jeanne Maclure.

Etienne's parents Marguerite PEPIN and Michel MAY.  Marguerite is the youngest daughter of Louise-Etienne Pepin and Jeanne Maclure, and was born, married, and buried in Yamaska, Québec.  Michel May is still a mystery.

Marguerite's parents Louis-Etienne PÉPIN and Jeanne MACLURE.

Louis-Etienne's parents Louis PÉPIN and Marie Madeleine MARTIN dit Jolicouer dit Lachance.

Louis' parents Jean PÉPIN and Marguerite MOREAU.

Jean's parents Robert PÉPIN and Marie CRÊTE, with some info on the parents of both Robert and Marie.


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Joshua Acan PEPPAN & Minnie HOLDER

A descendant of this line was my first contact with a Peppan family unknown to me.  Joshua is as far back as Chuck has gotten.  I think that Joshua may be from Robert and Marie Pepin's line -- but only time will tell, now.

  Pierre PEPIN dit LaCHANCE & Suzanne GOODRICH

In the packet of info I received from the Hudson's Bay Company, I originally had hoped this was my line, mostly because there was so much info available for him.  Current research indicates that Pierre is a relative by marriage.

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All four of the following sets of pages are stand alone web sites but came about because they involve at least one member of my family, perhaps more.  And it was such cool stuff, I had to share.
The Children of Fort Langley:

Between 1827 and 1860, my great great grandfather Etienne PEPIN worked at Fort Langley, in British Columbia, Canada, as an employee of the Hudson's Bay Company.

In my search for him, I found information on the over 100 men who worked there between 1827 and 1894.  I figured The Children of Fort Langley would be an excellent way to share that extra information.

Since being joined by other employee descendants, we've not only amassed some serious information on these men's families, but we've found new cousins.

The Langley Story Illustrated:

This is the 1977 book by Donald E. Waite that looks at the early history of both Langley Township and Fort Langley.  Don graciously gave permission to put it here for the purpose of correcting and/or adding information Don gathered in the early 1970s.

He recognizes that there are inaccuracies in the original and is looking for corrections, new stories, different points of view on old stories, adding to existing stories . . . more pictures . . .

Lots of pictures.

Can you help?  Check it out.

Period Clothing 101 

Ever wonder how historically dressed interpretive guides know how to dress?  Where do the historic re-enactors get their clothes?  Interested in getting into historic reenactment?  Period Clothing 101 will point you in the right direction.

It is a graphics heavy page, so while it's loading go walk the dog--

Okay, it doesn't take that long but if you're on dial-up, you probably have time to nip in to the kitchen for a quick snack.

Lexicon of the Chinook Jargon

Klahowya kopa Chinook Wawa
Piahtzumwawa Skookumklahwayhut

Welcome to the Chinook Jargon
Electronic Information Superhighway
Ikt Chinook Wawabook
(A Chinook Phrasebook and Glossary)

Ikt Wawabook kopa Chinook?
or Wawapepah kopa Chinook?
or Chinook, Ikt WawaBook?
or Chinook WawaPepah?

Nawitka, Mitlite Konaway Okook!
(Indeed, it's all of these.....)

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The 5th Annual Queen City Mudrun
Back in the 1940s and 50s, Daddy raced motorcycles with Seattle's Queen City Motor- cycle Club.  His motorcycle of choice was a big blue Harley Davidson, and next to hill climbing, his favorite event was The Mud Run on the family owned track (the other events he participated in were flat track, cinder track, and ice racing).  The reproduced article here is Daddy's 15 minutes of fame.

And for all you old motorcycle enthusiasts, I have finally put my father's racing photo album online.  Little Peppy's Racing pictures shows the many faces of motorcycle racing in the Pacific Northwest in the 40s and 50s.

Ladles and Jellyspoons the poem and some original art work by Lisa.
I got an e-mail a while back asking if I knew of a poem with the above 3 words in it.  I didn't -- the first place I heard them was in a comedy routine, but I asked around, found it, and put it here.  Though originally, I didn't know who wrote it, thanks to you, O Faithful Readers, I now have a short history of this poem.

The art work with it is mine.

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Of Things Creative

.. deals with Lisa's writing as well as others associated with FIDOnet's WRITING and BARDROOM.  Lisa is known on Bardroom as the grey shadowcat, hider in shadows, digger in sand.

The Twelve

A short story written by Lisa M Peppan in the early 90s that tied for 1st place in a writing contest on a Seattle area BBS writing "list".  The contest had two rules: 1) it had to start with the line, "It was a dark and stormy night"; 2) it had to be under 1500 words. 

After removing the first line, it was published in the Oct 1999 issue of the e-zine Teaparty. 

The graphics that appear here are of my own invention.

Lisa's Tagline Collection

Back in the days of Tandy 1000 and 286s, when a fast modem moved data at 1200 bps, when some screens were green on black, when the Internet was One of Those Things not expected to last, there was FIDOnet.

In the time it took to download mail packets other activities were planned around downloading the daily mail packets --house work, lawn mowing.  Considerate posts were short and sweet, with short little line at the end that reflected either the poster or the tone of the message.  To make one of these short little lines --whether they were insightful, inspirational, insulting, or bawdy-- into a single, comprehensible, 57 character sentence, was a challenge taken up by many, resulting in a proliferation of one-liners.

These one-liners were called Taglines, and Taglines, Dear Reader, are the ancestor of the Sig Line.

North End Taxi Reunion, Labor Day 1993 Pictures
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