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I'm self-taught through trial and error.  When I design a web page, I take into account that, like myself, not everyone owns the latest in computer equipment.  What this means is there are no frames, no Java scripting, no Flash Animation, no "dancing baloney*", and nothing more complicated than "old school" html.

My specialty is content driven, non-commercial websites, though if you want a business site, email me and we can talk about it.

 Web page design: $30 per hour
Web site maintenance: $30 per hour

To look at what I do, please see:
Sites I've designed and/or maintain, newest to oldest:
Fraser Valley Métis Nation is based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the Fraser Valley Métis Nation provides to individuals, schools, corporations, and tourists inspiration and the opportunity to educated people about the Aboriginal Culture in the Fraser Valley in order to build pride in our Métis Culture while creating Economic Opportunities and Partnerships.
Karen Haas, Storyteller  enjoys both telling in "modern times" and bringing the past to life with living history presentations.  Her effervescent style engages emotions, from the sublime to the ridiculous, in audiences both young and old.  For information concerning upcoming performances, fees, and available dates, please see her web site.
The Farewell Ball of The Royal Engineers: On Saturday, 1 November 2003, there was a formal Victorian Ball in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.  It was a rousing success.
The Real Royal Engineers:  What the combined Boundary Commissions of England and the US did in British Columbia, 1858-1863, plus Historic Re-enactment by the RE Living History Group.
The Langley Story Illustrated: The History of Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada, and presented here by special permission from the author, Donald E Waite.  1827-1945
The Children of Fort Langley: Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Langley employee genealogy, fur trade history, history, and 19th century historic reenactment.  Pacific Slope, 1827-1894
The Northwest Twig of the Pepin Family Tree aka The Peppan Family Tree: My family genealogy, 1620-2005
Sites I used to maintain (they learned how to do it themselves [I knew they could]):
The Fort Nisqually Living History Museum: visit a Hudson's Bay Company Fur Trade Era trading post, reconstructed in Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington, USA.
Current Projects:
An on-line store front.  When all the little wrinkles are worked out, I'll post the details here.  What...?  Oh, no, it'll have not a thing to do with telling you how you, too, can make up to $[XX] a week with some supposedly easy to follow program.  Not here and not from me.  Ever.
In the works:
KANAKA OHANA PROJECT: Family Tree DNA looks at how mitochondrial DNA and the new science of tracing the Y chromosome can help to reunite mixed-blood families. 

Watch this space.

If you would like me to make you a web page,
drop me some email at lpeppan at guhhome dot com

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 Thank you.

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